Latin Stones
Latin Stones

Latin Stones

Founded Founded c. 1990 by De La Paz, Huskie, P.R., and Snags in or near South Chicago
Affiliations People Nation — c. 1980 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black and Red
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Sun and Crescent Moon
Symbol usage

21 brick pyramid

Status Active

The Latin Stones have a very interesting history that ties in heavily to major events going on the South Chicago community.  In the year 1988, a major war began between a South Chicago gang called the Young Bloods and the Latin Kings that were trying to grow large in South Chicago.  The war raged on for two years until the Latin Kings defeated the Young Bloods causing the Young Bloods to join multiple South Chicago gangs like: Latin Counts, Latin Dragons, Very Mellow People and Spanish Vice Lords.  Some of these old Young Bloods didn’t want to join any other gangs so they started their own gang instead.  These Mexican youths knew some big time Black P Stones from the northern Englewood “Moe Town” branch and became sponsored by the Black P Stones of Moe Town to became a Hispanic gang of Stones known as the “Latin Stones” in the year 1990.  The organization was put together by “Huskie” and guys like “P.R.”  Huskie and P.R. were not leaders instead it was a guy with the last name De La Paz.

Back at home in South Chicago, the Latin Stones were not recognized as legitimate by the various branches of Black P Stones in South Chicago accept for the Maniac P Stones.  The Maniac P Stones were a very significant branch of the Black P Stones and were always a top tier branch close to both Black P Stones and the El Rukns.  The Maniacs were mediators with conflicts between Black P Stones and El Rukns and were the only branch of the Stones that was officially allowed to use the name “Stone” during the El Rukn sanction days of the 1980s when Jeff Fort declared all Stones to be not legit, the Maniacs were the only exception.  Because the Latin Stones got the blessing from the Maniacs, this was a big deal especially since the Maniacs were also posted by 83rd Street.  The Latin Stones were now declared legit by two major BPS factions but it wasn’t enough in the eyes of the Latin Stones so they connected with the north side of Chicago and got further sponsorship from the Puerto Rican Stones and Puerto Rican Future Stones.

Now that the Latin Stones were satisfied with four major Stone sponsors they opened their first turf at the intersection of 82nd and Commercial in the South Chicago neighborhood and were of course fully taken into the People alliance.  The Latin Stones became slightly allied with Latin Counts in the area but mostly allied with Black P Stones.  The Latin Stones mainly engaged in wars with Gangster Disciples, Ambrose and especially Spanish Gangster Disciples.

The Latin Stones worked with P.R. Stones and Future Stones from the north side as they moved drugs, weapons and reinforcements up and down Lake Shore Drive bringing in significant revenue and keeping each of their gangs well armed and paid.  Since the Latin Stones were so heavily allied with Black P Stones they worked with the Black P Stones with this Lake Shore Drive trade too, this was serious business and really helped bloom the Latin Stones in their early years and by the mid-1990s the Latin Stones were growing in popularity in South Chicago.  By 1993 or 1994 the Latin Stones opened at 90th and Exchange.  The Stones also opened up in the suburbs of Waukegan and in Kenosha Wisconsin after “Snags” moved to Waukegan and founded both chapters and became the leader of those suburban chapters.  I’m not sure exactly when it happened but the Stones opened up at 82nd and Coles which would later became a significant section.

The Latin Stones remained significant in the rest of the 1990s and into the early 2000s and had not only a strong South Chicago chapter but also strong chapters in Kenosha and Waukegan.  The downfall began in the mid 2000s when the founder and overall leader seemed to disappear and the South Chicago General “Huskie” retired from the gang life alongside “P.R.” the Chief Enforcer.  This depleted the leadership of the Latin Stones forcing Snags to pack up and move back down to the South Chicago community, after he left Kenosha and Waukegan closed.  When Snags arrived he closed down 90th and Exchange and moved all operations to 82nd and Coles.  A war erupted in the mid 2000s with the Latin Counts which was costly and at this time the Latin Stones began to shrink but have remained active as a low key group.

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What year did these guys go to war with Latin Counts and why?

Known sections of the Latin Stones past and present

East Side neighborhood

Sections of the East Side

105th & Ave M (10/5)

South Chicago neighborhood Established 1990-present years

Sections of South Chicago

81st to 83rd, South Shore Dr to Exchange Established 1990-present years

90th & Exchange Established 1993 or 1994

South Deering neighborhood Established 2020s (Present years)

Sections of South Deering

101st & Commercial 2020s (Present years)




Waukegan Established 1993 or 1994