Lawndale Gardens Homes
Lawndale Gardens Homes

Lawndale Gardens Homes

Hood(s) Little Village (South Lawndale);

25th Street on the north, 26th Street on the south, Washtenaw Avenue on the east, California Avenue on the west

Lifecycle 1942 – 1942, Construction;
Controlling gangs Vice Lords; Gangster Disciples; Latin Kings;

These projects were constructed in the year 1942 and complete in December of that year.  These projects were built in the all-white Little Village neighborhood to house impoverished white families in an experiment that the CHA launched for small scale public housing.  These projects consisted of 128 units on a 6.5-acre plot of land all consisting of 2 story row houses.

These projects remained only for whites in the 1940s, 1950s until Mexican and African American families began moving into these units starting in the late 1950s when the Dan Ryan Expressway construction displaced Mexican and black families.

By the 1970s the complex was mainly African American as black street gangs like Gangster Disciples Black P Stones and Vice Lords moved into these projects and fought Mexican gangs in the community like Latin Kings and Two Sixs.  The projects eventually became deteriorated and suffered from high crime and heavy gang activity.

In the year 2000 residents were ordered to leave the projects and by 2009 the projects were renovated and have since become a better place to live.