“Almighty” is a term that has been used throughout time by both Folk and People nation gangs even before Folk or People even existed.  Back in the 1970s the terms really started to surface as several gangs used the terms “Almighty” that included Simon City Royals, Insane Popes and Latin Eagles.  Almighty was used by the Popes since the 1950s and the Royals caught on in about the mid-1970s.  All of these gangs joined the Folk alliance in the year 1978 while in prison and became somewhat allied by the alliance they all shared.

In 1979, the “Maniac” and “Insane” families first formed as all close allies of Spanish Cobras became “Insane” while close allies of the Maniac Latin Disciples became “Maniacs.”  Royals and Popes had their own alliance called the “Royal Pope Nation” or “RPN” that dates further back in time to the earlier 70s but there was no “Almighty” alliance back then, Eagles and the RPN just stayed allied with Folks but were not bound by anything else in the 1980s.

In the late 1980s, the Imperial Gangsters began calling themselves “Almighty Imperial Gangsters” but had no relation to Eagles, Popes and Royals and the Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles just hung out with Insanes and Maniacs until war kicked off between Eagles and Cobras in 1989 and MLDs and Imperial Gangsters the same year.

In the year 1992, the Maniac and Insane families became official and this left the Royals, Popes, Eagles and Imperial Gangsters out of all this.  The Royals were starting to get into with Cobras and Imperial Gangsters were getting into it with Insanes and MLDs so there was no fit for them in either family, the problem was it meant both families rode against them all for the next three years.

Finally, in 1994, Almighty became an official alliance as now this was an alliance that bound Insane Popes, Simon City Royals, Latin Eagles and Imperial Gangsters together.  Even Ambrose from the south side has joined Almighty.  The Latin Lovers petitioned to join the alliance but Imperial Gangsters objected and the Lovers joined Insane instead.

In the year 1995, the Harrison Gents joined the Almighty family after feuding with fellow Insanes.

The Almighty family gangs do not operate as closely as Insanes and Maniacs.  These organizations often handle business on their own.