SGD / La Tabla
SGD / La Tabla

SGD / La Tabla

Spanish Gangster Disciple and/or Spanish Growth and Development was developed out of multiple unities that happened over time between Hispanic street gangs on the north side, west side and south side of Chicago beginning in the year 1966.

In the year 1966, the Black Disciples from the Cabrini Green public housing projects connected with a group of mostly Puerto Rican youths from the East Humboldt Park neighborhood at the intersection of Rockwell and Potomac.  The Black Disciples sponsored these Puerto Rican youths into the Black Disciple alliance giving them the last name of “Disciple,” which created the “Latin Disciples.”  From this day forward the Black Disciples and Latin Disciples were unified under the Disciple alliance.

In the year 1973, the Supreme Gangsters (part of the Black Gangster Disciple nation) called upon white and Hispanic gangs to connect with over weapons sales and to take out hits (assassinations) for each other.  This was done so each organization had alibis at the time of the assassinations and the police would be confused on why someone of another race was taking out an individual from a different race group.  The Gangsters summoned the Simon City Royals, Ambrose and the Ashland Vikings to do this business with and this brought these organizations close to the Gangsters.

In the year 1976, the Latin Disciples (or known now as Maniac Latin Disciples) and the Spanish Cobras created a unity on the streets known as the Young Latino Organization (YLO) which was adopted from Young Lord influence and it tied both organizations together.

In the year 1978, YLO united with the Imperial Gangsters and the Latin Eagles to create the United Latino Organization which bound these 4 gangs into a governing alliance.  In that same year of 1978, the ULO gangs all joined the Folk alliance in the prison system alongside the Black Gangster Disciple nation bringing them close to Ambrose, Ashland Vikings and Simon City Royals.  Other organizations to join the Folks in 1978 were: Satan Disciples, Two Six and Insane Popes.

In the year 1980, a Maniac Latin Disciple and an Imperial Gangster created a new governing body for the “Latin Folks” which would govern all Hispanic Folk alliance gangs.   Maniac Latin Disciple Victor “King Vic” Gomez and Imperial Gangster Ronnie “Mad Dog” Carrasquillo created this concept that they called “Spanish Gangster Disciple.”  This was not a gang but instead a governing body for Latin Folks and some new organizations that were just brought into the Folk alliance.  The Harrison Gents, Two Two Boys, Latin Lovers, Latin Jivers, Milwaukee Kings, Orquestra Albany were new additions to Folk/SGD in 1980.  This is the story of how the Folk alliance expanded in prison then a year later Folk and People concepts ended up on the streets and that’s when the Spanish Gangster Disciple gang ended up at the intersection of 87th and Houston in Chicago’s South Chicago neighborhood.

At some point, Leureano “Shakey” Ramos, the Milwaukee King leader and founder saved the leader of the Black Gangster Disciples, Larry Hoover’s life in prison which got him much respect within the Folk alliance.  King Vic had been the head of SGD since he helped create it but not Larry Hoover placed Shakey in charge of SGD as Larry Hoover had governing power over the SGDs due to them being sponsored by the BGDs and being given permission to create this organization.  Shakey was said to be a brutal and feared ruler until he was released from prison.

in the year 1989, SGD was now fully backed and supported by the Chicago Outfit as business opportunity could arise out of Folk unity for the Mafia.  The Latin Disciples sat at the head of La Tabla by now and this allowed them to try to dominate other Folk gangs like the Spanish Cobras.  When gangs filed a grievance with SGD about the Latin Disciples it would get shot down.  Over time, many gang disputes were not worked out on La Tabla which led to hate and bitter feelings that escalated into war.  SGD ended in June of 1999 when Maniac Latin Disciples killed a fellow MLD at a peace conference between Insanes and Maniacs.  The Chicago Outfit then withdrew from SGD support and pretty much all support with Chicago street gangs.