Albanian Gangsters
Albanian Gangsters

Albanian Gangsters

Founded Founded in 1980
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Status Inactive

The Albanian Gangsters were a suburban group that started at 57th and Harlem in the Summit community.  The Albanian Gangsters formed after the Latin Kings became established in the village in 1979.  By 1980 the Summit Latin Kings were growing larger and many groups of youths began having conflict with them including Orquestra Albany, a rival group that moved to Summit from the city.

In 1980 this group of youths at 57th and Harlem created their own gang to fight against the Latin Kings.  The Albanian Gangsters became tight with Orquestra Albany as they both fought the Latin Kings.  Orquestra Albany was a group aligned with the Folks and because of this the Albanian Gangsters joined the Folks in 1981 which was the year Folk and People was brought to the streets.

The Albanian Gangsters continued through the 1980s into the 1990s as they were a force to be reckoned with.  In the year 1994 the Albanian Gangsters met a new enemy, the Summit Almighty Popes who were a People gang allied tightly with Latin Kings.  The mid-1990s were some the wilder years for Albanian Gangsters as they fought both gangs heavily.  When the Almighty Popes went extinct in 1999 the Albania Gangsters began to slow gang activity.

The Albanian Gangsters had some activity in the earlier 2000s decade then went inactive later in the decade.

Known sections of the Albanian Gangsters from the past


Summit 57th & Harlem Established 1979