Allport Lovers
Allport Lovers

Allport Lovers

Founded Founded in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
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Colors Blue and Yellow
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Knight helmet with bandana, Heart with three dots above, and Cross with five lines
Status Extinct

I know next to nothing about these guys accept that came up at the intersection of 18th and Allport in the Pilsen neighborhood.  I don’t know when the Allport Lovers formed and I am not too certain about their rivalries but I am almost positive they battled the usual People alliance gangs from the neighborhood like Latin Counts, Bishops, Laflin Lovers and Latin Kings.  I have heard of a rivalry with the Saints even though they are not a Pilsen gang.  The Allport Lovers joined the Folk alliance, although I don’t know what year that happened or who sponsored them but I can imagine Ambrose or the Party People sponsored them.

In the later 1990s the Allport Lovers began to fade a little and by the 2000s decade they went extinct, many flipped to Party People members.