Latin Pachucos
Latin Pachucos

Latin Pachucos

Founded Founded c. 1983 in or near Humboldt Park (West Humboldt Park) K-Town
Formerly known as

Los Pachucos 1983-1984

Affiliations People Nation — 1984 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black and White
Color usage Black or black and white
Primary ethnicities Latino
Symbols Low Rider Face
Symbol usage

Low rider face from low rider magazine, cross with three slashes above it

Status Active

The Latin Pachucos’ story does not go as far back in time as many of the other gangs from the area.  The reason why the Latin Pachucos are not as old of a gang as Latin Kings, Spanish Cobras, Maniac Latin Disciples or Insane Unknowns is because the Pachucos started out as a Mexican gang coming up in a very heavily Puerto Rican and black neighborhood, that neighborhood is West Humboldt Park, the very site of one of the largest concentrations of Puerto Rican migration in the entire city.

The story starts in 1983 at the intersection of Chicago Ave and Pulaski right out in front of Orr Academy High School located at 730 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60624.  This part of Humboldt Park was dominated by the Conservative Vice Lords that ran the intersection of Chicago and Pulaski. Eventually a group of Mexican kids were hanging out there in front of that school and these kids liked to dress stylish, kinda like, Pachucos which is a famous look of Mexican zoot suit gangsters.  I am not saying these kids dressed in full zoot suits by they were dressed up quite well in black and white suits with black and white hats that resembled the Pachuco look.  The main reason for the Pachucos forming was being beaten and harassed by mainly black gangs like the Vice Lords.  South of Chicago Avenue has been known to be a black part of West Humboldt Park since the late 60s; therefore, black gangs had built up over time.  Within a matter or weeks or months the Pachucos recruited north of their borders which landed them at Karlov and Hirsch in the K-Town section of West Humboldt Park.

The fact that these kids wore the colors black and white and hanging out on Karlov and Hirsch got them mistaken for Insane Unknown gang members by members of the Latin Disciples (MLDs) that came over there representing and throwing down the Unknowns.  The kids could have easily just said they do not claim anything and left it at that but instead these kids were just pissed about getting messed with and did not care the Disciples thought they were Unknowns and they did not care how big of a gang the Disciples were.  These kids fought the Disciples savagely and it was said they beat the hell out of them.

The kids were given the nickname “Pachucos” which also means you are a neighborhoods kid but not a gang banger. The role of the Insane Unknowns was to protect these neighborhood kids from outsiders like Latin Disciples and Spanish Cobras but all the fight the Pachuco kids were putting up against the Folks made a lot of enemy Folk gangs red hot to try invading the territory. The Unknowns needed to make a decision about protecting the Pachuco kids.  The Unknowns told these kids they were now marked by the Disciples and reprisal was going to happen so it was in their best interest to join the Insane Unknowns, the Pachucos told them there is no way they will join their gang and the Unknowns were insistent on it because this would bring heat to the Unknown’s turf from rivals and if these kids did not join, the Unknowns could not control them.  These kids were marked as Unknowns and would soon be treated as such and any move they made would be considered an Unknown move.

These Pachuco kids began calling themselves the “Los Pachucos” in 1983 and even tagged up buildings at Grand and Keeler with “Los Pachucos” sprayed on them.

These kids’ refusal to join the Insane Unknowns by 1984 was not appreciated and three members of the Insane Unknowns came at these kids, these kids then pulled a gun on them and told them they were their own gang, they were the “Latin Pachucos” and would not absorb into another nation, this event probably happened by 1984 because that was the year that the Los Pachucos would take that nickname Pachuco and make themselves a gang called the “Latin Pachucos,” and from there a legendary crew was born. The Kings admired how these Pachucos went at it with everyone and offered to hold a peaceful meeting with them to discuss getting backup and backing up Latin Kings.  The Latin Pachucos accepted the offer and were now allies with the Insane Unknowns and were officially in the People Nation in 1985.  The Latin Kings were able to help establish peace between Pachucos and Unknowns throughout the rest of the 1980s as they shared the same street corner.  After joining People the Insane Unknowns backed off the area of Division Street on the north, Pulaski Road on the east, Thomas Street on the south and Kolmar Avenue on the west, all this was Pachuco territory.

In 1992, the People Nation was not as tightly aligned like it used to be in the 1980s so interalliance wars were raging uncontrollably.  The Insane Unknowns were one such gang that no longer cared about having allies and saw how to Pachucos were growing too strong and infringing on their territory.  Even though it was supposed to be shared turf, the Unknowns felt it was more rightfully theirs and war kicked off that the Pachucos could no longer afford to engage in because they were surrounded by enemies all around them.  The Pachucos were also at heavy odds with the Latin Kings at that time so they got no backup from them.  It mainly all started when a big fight happened were Insane Unknowns were shooting at unarmed Pachucos but the Pachucos fought them anyway with bludgeoning tools, knives and fists.  Even though the Pachucos fought well, they had to leave K-Town because there was too much drama there and they were outgunned and outnumbered by multiple gangs.  The Pachucos then took up haven at Blackhawk Park, Austin and Irving Park along Addison Street.

In the year 1992, the Latin Pachucos opened territory in the Belmont-Cragin community in Blackhawk Park.  Pachucos would lose this territory as one of their own because of all the violence they inflicted on rivals like Spanish Cobras, Ashland Vikings and Latin Stylers which got many members incarcerated, and by 1992 it was no longer a Pachuco section, and many of them went to Grand and Mango until that section closed in 1995.  At the same time the Pachucos and Insane Unknowns were going at it in Humboldt Park at Hirsch and Karlov which led to a war for a while.


The Pachucos had no issue going to war with fellow People Nation gangs.  In the mid 1990s the Pachucos went to war with the Latin Brothers who were also in north Austin and near Hanson Park.  The Pachucos also slugged it out with Spanish Four Corner Hustlers near North Ave and Lamon.  All the violence with Spanish 4s, Latin Brothers and Latin Stylers near North Ave and Lamon led to the Pachucos firebombing a burger king at that intersection, after that the police targeted the Pachucos heavily; therefore, they abandoned that post.  The rest of their sections remained. I believe this happened in 1997 but I am not sure.

The Pachucos became a bigger part of the Belmont-Cragin community when they unoffically had a reluctant understanding with the Taylor Jousters that Hanson Park was to turn over to the Pachucos.  Imperial Gangsters badly wanted this park but Taylor Jousters were not having it but they also needed to understand they needed to turn the park over to someone else or not be able to retire from active gang banging.  The Jousters then allowed the Pachucos into the park in the year 1997.  It was an easy task controlling the park as Pachucos had to battle so many organizations wanting that park.  Besides the IGs, Pachucos had to battle Four Corner Hustlers, Latin Stylers, Ashland Vikings and Spanish Cobras viciously for that park but the Pachucos held it for decades to come.

Please send in old school pics.   1970s or 1980s pics will be especially appreciated!


  1. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  2. What exact years did the Pachucos open in Belmont-Cragin and Irving Park?
  3. How long did the early to mid 1990s war last with the Latin Kings and why did it happen?
  4. What were the leaders and how long did each last up until the year 2000?

Known sections of the Latin Pachucos past and present

Austin neighborhood Established 1992-1997

Sections of Austin

Latrobe & Dickens

North Ave & Lamon

Belmont-Cragin neighborhood Established 1992

Sections of Belmont-Cragin

Grand to Fullerton, Central Ave to Laramie Established 1997 (Hanson Park)

Grand & Mango 1992-1995

Fullerton & La Vergne (Blackhawk Park) Established 1992-1992

Irving Park neighborhood Established 1992-2000s

Sections of Irving Park

Addison from Ave Drake to Central Park (Athletic Field Park) 1992-2000s

Addison & Sacramento 1992-2000s

Addison & Kilbourn (Kilbourn Park) 1992-2000s

West Humboldt Park neighborhood Established 1983-1992

Sections of West Humboldt Park

Karlov & Hirsch (Alfred Noble Elementary School) Established 1983-1992

Division to Thomas, Pulaski to Kolmar Established 1984-1992

Division & Pulaski (Orr High School) Established 1983




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