Los Bebe Stones
Los Bebe Stones

Los Bebe Stones

Founded Founded c. 1983 by Big Juan
Founding story

Founded in the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park near 23rd and Division.

Formerly known as

Los Be Bes 1983-1989; Almighty Los Be Be Kings 1989-1995, Almightly Los Be Be Stones 1995-present

Affiliations People Nation — 1991 – give;
Colors Black, White, Red, and Light blue
Color usage Light blue and white 1983-1995; black and red 1995-extinction
Primary ethnicities Mixed
Symbols Pacifier, Pyramid, 7, and Eye
Symbol usage

Pacifier 1983-extinction, pyramid with 21 bricks and a number 7 in the sun behind the point of the pyramid, eye behind the pyramid 1995-extinction

Status Active

The story begins in the year 1983 at the intersection of 23rd Street and Division Street in the suburb of Melrose Park when 6 Mexican youths got together to form their own crew BJ, Frankie, Nopaul, Big Juan, and the Franco brothers.  The youths called their crew the “Los Bebes” (means the babies in Spanish) that they formed to protect each other against the growing number of gangs moving into Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Stone Park, Maywood and Bellwood areas.  The Gangsters Disciples and Vice Lords were especially trying to expand their territory in all three of these suburbs and the Gangster Disciples, Simon City Royals and Imperial Gangsters were giving these youths a hard time.  The only gang that befriended the Los Bebes was the Latin Kings but the Los Bebes did not join the Latin Kings instead they expanded as a force of their own and grew a great deal in numbers in the Melrose Park suburb expanding to the intersection of 16th and Lake where they conflicted with Maywood street gangs like the Gangster Disciples.  Big Juan and his sister Nena were the main leaders of the organization since the beginning.  The Be Bes then opened 17th and North Ave in Melrose Park (Little Jungle).

It became clear that the Folks were the biggest enemies of the Los Bebes and in 1989 the Los Bebes were taken into the People Nation alliance under the wing of the Latin Kings at first.  With this new deal the Be Bes were now knows as Be Be Kings.  This lasted until 1991 when Latin Kings put pressure on the Be Bes to give up their Be Be identity and just become Latin Kings, when Be Bes refused a four year long war ensued between Kings and Be Bes.

Big Juan and his sister moved to North Avenue and Kramer apartments in Villa Park “The Townies” and began that chapter there in 1991.  This chapter became one of the main chapters besides Melrose Park and Maywood.  In 1991 the Los Bebes became so popular they spread into the suburbs of Addison and Villa Park as they fought with an assortment of other gangs mainly within the Folk Nation alliance.  In Addison The Be Bes opened up on Michael Lane in 1991.

After joining the People Nation the Los Bebes spread in popularity even more as they opened territory in the suburb of Glendale Heights at the intersection of Glen Ellyn and Fullerton, in Westmont in the Eagle Creek apartments at 61st and Williams,  In Berwyn at 23rd and Lombard and the suburb of Northlake.  There was also Be Bes in Cicero, West Chicago, and Palos Hills.  Glendale Heights became the biggest chapter of all as they had the biggest head count.

Between the years of 1991 and 1995 the Los Bebes were at their peak of strength, then in 1995 the Los Bebes began to shrink in size because of legal issues.  Chapters began to close up leaving Villa Park, Maywood, Melrose Park and the biggest chapter of all Glendale Heights.  To reorganize Be Be members connected with the Gangster Stones and established an alliance with them after Be Bes took a trip to the Henry Horner projects and connected with Gangster Stones and Moosman, the head of the Gangster Stones.  Mooseman blessed the Be Bes into the Stone family.  In the Cook County jail the Be Bes drew up a further tight alliance with the Stones then the Stones took the Los Bebes into the 21 brick Stone alliance and the gang became “Almighty Los Bebe Stones” and adopted Stone colors of black and red in 1995.  This new unity ended bringing more wars for the Bebe Stones because they became a larger target by black street gangs.

In the year 1995, Be Bes fought violent wars with the Imperial Gangsters which led to the shooting death of Be Be member Steven Finney.  The Be Bes retaliated and killed an IG and dragged another by the neck from a rope.

In the late 1990s Be Bes opened Sunnyside and Clark in the Uptown neighborhood by Mabe and Dino.

Some of the top Incas from Maywood and Glendale Heights were all that was left to keep the organization together by the early 2000s.

Just as the Be Bes were leaving the suburbs in the 2000s, they were revitalized by a Be Be Prince who was in the area of North Ave and Spaulding connecting with Latin Kings in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Latin Kings were in the neighborhood and connected with the Prince as they came into the store.  During this time Be Bes were supporting a Black P Stone branch trying to operate at Humboldt Blvd and Sacramento.

In the year 2006, the Be Be Stone Prince connected deeper with the Latin Kings of West Humboldt Park and the Black P Stones and permission was granted for the Be Bes to open a new branch in West Humboldt Park at Crystal and Homan, now all Be Be operations were at this new section.  Los Be Bes had strong family connections with Latin Kings which made for this inception to come along.  One of the Be Be Princes grew up with a lot of the Latin Kings and was in St. Charles Harrisburg correctional with Latin Kings.  Latin Kings would not allow any other allies into this area but gave an exception to the Be Bes.  The Be Bes would also support the Latin Stones from South Chicago.  Be Bes from West Humboldt Park are a money-making group and are some of the few driving around the area in Rolls Royce’s, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.  Now and again wars between Black P Stones and Latin Kings and Latin Kings and Latin Stones causes disruptions in relations between Be Bes and Latin Kings.  Be Bes also have conflicts with Vice Lords from Evergreen and Homan in West Humboldt Park.  There are also personal beefs that happen now and again with Latin Kings and Be Bes but the alliance remains intact.

The Almighty Los Be Be Stones are still active on the streets of West Humboldt Park and Rockford today.

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Known sections of the Los Be Be Stones from the past

Uptown neighborhood Late 90s-2000s

Sections of Uptown

Sunnyside & Clark Late 90s-2000s

West Humboldt Park neighborhood Established 2006-present years

 Sections of West Humboldt Park

Crystal & Homan Established 2006-present years




Berwyn 23rd & Lombard


Glendale Heights Glen Ellyn & Fullerton


Melrose Park 23rd & Division Established 1983, 16th & Lake


Palos Hills


Villa Park North Ave & Kramer (The Townies)

Westmont Eagle Creek Apartments 61st & Williams

West Chicago