Boss Pimps
Boss Pimps

Boss Pimps

Founded Founded in 1968
Formerly known as

Bostonian Pimps

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Primary ethnicities African American
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Status Active

I decided to make a separate page for the Boss Pimps because they are not just a Gangster Disciple faction that broke away like many have thought over the years.  Myths have flown around that they started in 1988 after disagreeing and warring with other factions of Gangster Disciples.  This is not true and the Boss Pimps have a long history of independence on the streets.

The Boss Pimps were originally called the Bostonian Pimps and were formed by 1968.  I am not sure on where they formed on the south side or why they chose the name they chose.  The Bostonian Pimps were close with the Falcon Disciples and likely joined the Disciple alliance in 1968 under the assistance of the Falcon Disciples.

When the Black Gangster Disciple alliance was formed in 1969, the Bostonians remained aligned with the Disciples.

In 1976 when the Black Disciples group formed in prison the Bostonian Pimps remained part of the Disciples but not part of the new Black Disciple group; therefore, they remained under BGD.

In the year 1981 when the Folk alliance began on the streets and the lines were drawn between BGD and BD the Bostonian Pimps elected to not go with either group and this is where their independence began not over drug wars like the myths say.  The Bostonian Pimps did join the Folk alliance which tied them to BGD and BD alike.  The Bostonians just refused to go along with BGD or BD and absorb into their nations which pushes aside the myth that Boss Pimps were once a GD group.

I am not exactly sure when in time it happened but when the Gangster Disciples drew up the B.O.S. or Brothers of the Struggle concepts the Bostonian Pimps developed their own concept called B.O.S.S or Brothers of the Strong Struggle.  This was perhaps right around the time when Boss Pimps began feuding with Gangster Disciples over drug territory.  By this time the Boss Pimps were operating in the Jefferey Manor area of the South Deering community from 93rd down to 95th streets.