Bush Nation
Bush Nation

Bush Nation

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The Bush Nation began at the intersection of 84th and Burley in the South Chicago neighborhood back in the late 1960s.  The group was formed by Mexican youths in the area responding to second class treatment from many of the white gangs in the area as the Mexican population continued to grow in the community.  Mexican youths would often be bullied and the Bush Nation was an outlet for them to become part of protection.  The name came from the fact that 84th and Burley was in “The Bush” area of the neighborhood.

By 1970 Bush Nation perhaps hit their peak in numbers and one of their most prominent members was Theodore “Sweetwine” Ordonez. Sweetwine was their toughest member and one legendary story that was passed around the neighborhood for generations is when he was attacked by several Chicago Police officers with night sticks.  Sweetwine was able to fight all these police officers and they couldn’t take him down even as they struck him with their nightsticks.

In the year 1977, Sweetwine moved to Little Village and joined the Two Sixs becoming one of their prominent members until he was shot to death in 1981.

The Bush Nation went extinct in 1983 when members flipped to Latin Kings.

Sections of the Bush Nation from the past

South Chicago neighborhood Late 60s-1983

Sections of South Chicago

84th & Burley (The Bush) Late 60s-1983