Party People
Party People

Party People

Founded Founded in 1980 by Michael in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
Founding story

Formed in the Pilsen section of the Lower West Side neighborhood near 17th and Carpenter.

Formerly known as

Party People 1971-1980

Affiliations Folk Nation — c. 1980 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black and White
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Playboy Bunny and Inverted Cross
Symbol usage

Inverted cross with three slashes on top and dot on the bottom

Status Active

The Party People are a newer organization in the Pilsen area compared to other older gangs that date back to the 1950s; nevertheless, the Party People have outlived most of the gangs that formed in the 1970s and prior and fought ferocious battles with several rivals.

The story starts in the year 1980 in the Pilsen neighborhood at the intersection of 17th and Carpenter when some guys and girls got together that loved to party hard and some were excellent graffiti artists.  This group of guys and girls grew up in Pilsen around all the gang violence that was escalating year by year since they were kids, as Pilsen’s many gangs fought each other viciously for power.  18th Street had become a war zone with Latin Counts, Ambrose, Morgan Deuces, Satan Disciples, Bishops, Racine Boys, Laflin Lovers and Morgan Boys all fighting for control of this street and the drama spilled onto nearby 19th and 17th Streets.

This group at 17th and Carpenter had an idea to create a club that was centered around partying and hanging out.  They banded together in a large group to discourage gangs from attacking them, and at the same time, they were cool with all the gangs as long as the other gangs did not mess with them.  This group became known as the “Party People” which gave the image that they were a peaceful group of people that like to party.  Party People were in love with the sweaters, parties and the crowds that gangs drew and they wanted to be a club that drew in those same perks but without getting involved in the gangbanging drama.  When they first formed they found another newer group that had the same ideals, this group was known as “La Raza” and this is when La Raza and Party People became good friends.  “Michael” was the founder of the Party People in 1980.

I was told before that drama happened that involved Party People allies La Raza that caused Michael to get killed about a year after Party People were founded but the story is very flawed and now I don’t have the details, but it is true that by 1981 drama did pop off and the Party People could no longer function as just a party crew and were forced to gangbang against the Latin Counts and Ambrose who gave them problems.  Party People then joined the Folk alliance sponsored by Two Six from Little Village and this is how Party People developed the moniker “Gangster.”  When Party People joined Folk they now allied with Ambrose and the war was squashed as now Party People, La Raza and Ambrose started to become close.

Now that the Party People were Folks they expanded their operations in Pilsen to 17th and Racine then onto 18th Street at 18th and May and 19th and May.  Party People began working with fellow Folks the Racine Boys of 18th and Racine and opened a sizable turf from 16th Street down to Cullerton and Allport Street to Miller Street.  On the west side of this territory were the Allport Lovers of 18th and Allport who were Folks and on the east side were the Morgan Boys of 18th and Morgan who were also Folks, so there were Folks all around the Party People which helped them to flourish more in Pilsen.

In the year 1988, Party People erupted into a vicious gang war with Satan Disciples then war was reopened with La Raza.  The La Raza war did not last long before they were allies again.

The late 1980s saw a time of severed ties for the Party People with more fellow Folks.  Starting in the early 1988 war began with Ambrose as they fought over 18th Street after a few murders that started over some bad PCP deals.  Party People also became hungry for more territory and that is when they landed at 56th and Maplewood in the Gage Park neighborhood in 1988.  The War with the Latin Kings heated up intensely once the Party People arrived.  The Party People gained popularity in Gage Park and soon spread their influence from 56th Street down to 59th Street and Campbell to Tallman “G-Town.”  Party People also made their way into the suburbs landing in Berwyn and Evergreen Park.  Party People also set up in the gang infested suburb of Cicero but still managed to battle all those gangs.

The Party People grew significantly in the 1990s swelling into the hundreds in membership.  The organization has had many good graffiti artists over the years and also members that joined in the 1980s and 1990s were more ferocious and have fought hard against rivals.  The Party People have also not really lost any territory over the years and still have 17th and Carpenter.  In the later 1990s Party People went to permanent war with La Raza.

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  1.  What exact year did Party People open in Gage Park?
  2. What exact year did the Cicero, IL set open?
  3. What year did war erupt with La Raza, Satan Disciples, Ambrose and why?
  4. What is the time line of leaders after Michael up to the year 2000?