Laflin Lovers
Laflin Lovers

Laflin Lovers

Founded Founded in 1970 in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
Founding story

Founded in the Pilsen section of the Lower West Side neighborhood near 18th and Laflin

Affiliations People Nation — 1980 – give;
Colors Red and Yellow
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Heart and Knight's Helmet
Status Extinct

I do not know very much about these guys but I do know they came from the intersections of 17th Street to 18th Street and Laflin in the Pilsen section of the Lower West Side neighborhood.  I know they started in the year 1970s as their allies Bishops, Latin Brothers and Racine Boys all formed that same year. The Laflin Lovers had a very tight alliance with the Latin Counts of 18th and Loomis and 18th and Ashland, and the Lovers were allies with the Latin Brothers of 18th and Ashland as well and the Bishops of 18th and Bishop.  The Laflin Lovers were basically sandwiched between two Latin Count hoods, a Bishop hood and a Latin Brother hood on 18th Street.  The closest rival was Ambrose on 18th and Throop right down the street; the Lovers also hated the Satan Disciples from down 18th Street to the west.  The Laflin Lovers also joined their allies the Latin Counts in their fight against the Latin Kings.  In the year 1981 it was an easy decision for the Laflin Lovers to join the People Nation alongside their close allies.  The Laflin Lovers continued on through the 1990s and went extinct by the later 90s or the 21st century as more and more members flipped to Latin Counts.

Please send in 1990s, 1980s, 1970s


  1. What was the founder and what happened to him?
  2. Was 17th and 18th and Laflin the only sections?  If there were others what years did they open and close up?
  3. What was the timeline of leaders?
  4. What year did Laflin Lovers close up their last section?