Latin Dragons
Latin Dragons

Latin Dragons

Founded Founded c. 1979 by Jaws in or near South Chicago
Founding story

Previously affiliated with People from 1981-1996 then independent from 1996-1997 before affiliating with Folks in 1997

Formerly known as

Almighty Latin Dragons 1981-1996

Affiliations Folk Nation — 1997 – 2000 or later;
People Nation — 1980 – 1996;
Colors Black and White
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Diamond and Dragon's Head
Symbol usage

Black and white diamond, black and white dragon head

Status Active

The Latin Dragons began in the year 1979 at the intersection of 87th and Escanaba in the South Chicago neighborhood.  The Dragons were formed by “Jaws” who was said to be a hell of a street warrior.  The earliest opponent of the Dragons was gang called the Royal Knights that used to be a dominating group in the neighborhood.  The Latin Dragons bonded with the Spanish Kings of South Chicago as both gangs fought the Royal Knights.  Eventually a key member of the Spanish Kings joined the Latin Dragons as soon more Spanish Kings joined the Dragons.  Some of the original members of the Very Mellow People gang would also flip to Latin Dragons which is really what gave the Dragons lots of steam in their early days.

In the year 1981, the Latin Dragons joined the People alliance alongside the Latin Counts due to the fact that outside gangs like Black Gangster Disciples and Spanish Gangster Disciples were growing into the neighborhood and claimed Folk alliance.  The Latin Dragons were pretty close with Latin Counts in the 1980s.

By 1983 to 1984 new gangs from other neighborhoods began to grow into the South Chicago community like Latin Kings Latin Counts that moved into the area and began growing quickly.  Dragons went into a bad war with Spanish Gangster Disciples and Black Gangster Disciples.

The Dragons eventually expanded to have turf at 88th and Buffalo and 90th and Houston.  The Dragons expanded greatly in the early 1990s to have turf from 83rd to 87th and Colfax to Commercial “Dragon Town.”  Latin Dragons also learned to really hate Black Gangsters Disciples as they expanded more.

In the mid-1980s Jaws was killed during a drug deal that went bad leaving Mario to take over as the new leader of the Dragons.  During the same time period in the mid-80s Mario was also killed in the same way during a drug deal that went bad leaving another legend to run the Dragons named Henry.  Henry was a truly fearless warrior in the streets and was well respected.

Things would start to dramatically change for the Latin Dragons in the mid-1990s when disputes with Latin Kings began to heat up.  South Chicago was crowded with People Nation gangs, especially after the SGDs were pretty much gone from 88th and Houston, there was not enough room for all of them in the same neighborhood.  Latin Kings and Latin Counts were already at war since 1991, now the Latin Kings were pushing the Dragons around and the Dragons would not take it then the Dragons erupted into a vicious gang war with Latin Kings beginning in 1992. When the Dragons tried to go before the People Nation to voice their grievances, the board ignored the Dragons especially the Black P Stones.  In the year 1995, the Dragons began to have friction with the Latin Counts.  In the midst of it Henry would not stand for it and walked down to Latin Count neighborhood all by himself challenging them all fearlessly.  The Counts responded by shooting Henry to death at the scene but Henry died like a true warrior, fearless as can be.

By 1996 the Latin Dragons dropped out of the People Nation alliance and began gunning for Latin Kings, Latin Counts, Black P. Stones and Spanish Vice Lords.  The Dragons established a truce with the SGDs then joined the Folk Nation alliance in 1997 under the sponsorship of Ambrose because Ambrose and Dragons had some family ties.

The Latin Dragons really have not lost any turf over the years and viciously fight other gangs using as much violence as necessary to retain their turf.

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  1. Who was the founder? What happened to him?
  2. What was the time line of leaders up to the year 2000?