Latin Panthers Organization
Latin Panthers Organization

Latin Panthers Organization

Founded Founded in 1970 in or near Bucktown (Logan Square)
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Colors Red and Green
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Panther head and black panther
Status Extinct

The Latin Panthers formed at Mclean and Oakley in the Bucktown section of the Logan Square neighborhood in the year 1970 by two former members of the Spanish Lords named Animal and Cherokee.  The Panthers began because of the growing white power gangs in the area attacking Puerto Rican youths.  The Panthers opened a club house at Maplewood and Campbell.  When the WPO (White Power Organization) formed in 1971 the Latin Panthers had become the Latin  Panthers Organization as they fiercely battled Gaylords, Taylor Jousters and Chi-West.

In late 1976 Chi-West firebombed their clubhouse.  In 1978 most LPOs retired from the organization while other members morphed the Panthers into a new group called the Latin Hustlers.  The Latin Hustlers may have existed into the 1990s but I am not sure.  Other LPOs became Spanish Cobras.

Known sections of the Latin Panthers Organization from the past

Bucktown neighborhood Established 1970-1978

Sections of Bucktown

Mclean & Oakley Established 1970-1978