Lazy Gents
Lazy Gents

Lazy Gents

Founded Founded
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Primary ethnicities White
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Status Extinct

I don’t have a wealth of information on these guys but I know they formed in Southern West Town area at Erie and Wood back in the 1950s.   These guys were mostly Italian with many other backgrounds.  By the early 1960s they began taking in Hispanic members. The Lazy Gents fought with the Gaylords and C-Notes in the 1950s and early 1960s.  In the Late 50s and early 60s they also fought with Playboys, Pulaski Park and Ventures.

In the year 1964 the Lazy Gents, Gaylords and C-Notes formed an alliance against the growing Hispanic gangs like Latin Kings, Warlords and Spanish Lords.  The alliance was known as G.C.G (Gaylords, C-Notes and Gents).  When this was established the Lazy Gents grew very close to these gangs as a strong brotherhood was established.

The Lazy Gents ended up developing a severe rivalry with the Latin Kings.  The Lazy Gents remained a serious force to be reckoned with until their numbers began to decline in the mid-70s.  In the year 1977 the many of the remaining Lazy Gents joined the ranks of the Harrison Gents.

Known sections of the Lazy Gents from the past

Southern West Town 

Sections of Southern West Town

Erie & Wood