Maniac Campbell Boys
Maniac Campbell Boys

Maniac Campbell Boys

Founded Founded in 1984 in or near East Humboldt Park (part of West Town)
Founding story

Founded in the East Humboldt park section of West Town neighborhood near Lemoyne and Campbell

Affiliations Maniac — 1992 – 2000 or later;
Folk Nation — 1989 – 2000 or later;
SGD / La Tabla — 1989 – c. 1995;
Colors Red and Blue
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Monk, Shield, and Devil Horns
Symbol usage

Pitchfork, Shield with horns, Monks

Status Active

The Maniac Campbell Boys are a late bloomer in the gang scene on the northern part of Chicago, however, they made a name for themselves very quickly.  I am not well versed on their early history and I don’t know if there ever was an overall “Campbell Boys” organization before there was Insane Campbell Boys and Maniac Campbell Boys.  I had heard there was in about the early 1980s but I have never confirmed that or heard much proof that ever happened.

The “Maniac Campbell Boys” came into existence in the year 1984 at the intersection of Campbell and Lemoyne in the East Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Right away the Maniac Campbell Boys became a “Maniac” allied organization and were taken right into the Folk alliance under the wing of the Maniac Latin Disciples.  The MCBs then adopted the monk and pitchforks as their symbols to show full allegiance to the Maniac Latin Disciples.

The Maniac Campbell Boys soon got real popular and spread all over Campbell Street taking Lemoyne up to Homer Street and from Artesian to Washtenaw. The Campbell Boys had a thriving drug business in the 1980s on Campbell Street where several customers would pull up in their cars and buy drugs then leave.  The Campbell Boys basically operated a drive thru type of drug business and eventually, this made allies jealous of their operation.  Maniac Latin Disciples and Latin Jivers became very close allies and frequently were seen together along with YLO Disciples at times.

In the year 1992, wars began to happen between Insanes and Maniacs that became very bloody.  Now Maniac Campbell Boys got into vicious wars with Insane Dragons, Spanish Cobras, YLO Cobras and Insane Campbell Boys.  The leader of the MCBs at the time “Big Moe” was gunned down by the Spanish Cobras from a sniper posted on a short roof as Big Moe went behind the alley to take out some trash.  This brought a major war to the MCBs with the Maniacs and they took part in many shootings alongside fellow Maniacs between the years of 1992-1997 until war with Maniacs and Insanes became permanent.

In later years Maniac Campbell Boys lost most of their territory as many members flipped to other gangs like Maniac Latin Disciples or gentrification wiped out much of their turf confining them to Campbell and Lemoyne where they still may frequent.

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  1. Who was the founder and what happened to him?

Sections of the Maniac Campbell Boys past and present

East Humboldt Park neighborhood Established 1984

Sections of East Humboldt Park

North Ave to Hirsch, Talman to Artesian Established 1984