Maniac Latin Hoods
Maniac Latin Hoods

Maniac Latin Hoods

Founded Founded c. 1975 in or near Logan Square
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Colors Orange and Brown
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Cane, Hooded figure, Puerto Rican flag, Gloves, and Top Hat
Status Extinct

The Latin Hoods started in the year 1975 and were mostly known as the “Latin Hoods” but their less used full name was “Almighty Latin Hoods.”  I think ‘Polaco” was the founder and first President as the Hoods opened up in the Logan Square neighborhood at the intersection of Francis Place and Stave Street.  From the start Latin Hoods had a major problem with Palmer Square Gaylords, Moffet and Campbell Gaylords, Latin Kings and Orquestra Albany and eventually the Yates Boys Organization.  Conflict started with Orquestra Albany because the Hoods hung out with the Latin Lovers and became very close with them and this is why they adopted the first name of “Almighty.”  Back in these times Latin Lovers were known as “Almighty Latin Lovers” and there was also the “Almighty Maniac Latin Disciples” or “Almighty Latin Disciples,” which is a branch of the Maniac Latin Disciples.  Latin Hoods also became close with the Imperial Gangsters and were part of the “United Races.”

In 1977, the Hoods had a meeting with Rico, the leader of the Yates Boys Organization in the Chase School Yard to settle differences.  The meeting was called off and the Yates Boys were angered that the Imperial Gangsters showed up on behalf of the Hoods.

In the year 1977, the leader/founder Polaco of the Latin Hoods was killed by Latin Kings and “Capone” became the new President of the Hoods.  When Capone took over the Latin hoods saw their best days and soon grew into popularity as they also united with Latin Eagles and Spanish Cobras.  At some point Hoods may have been known as “Insane Latin Hoods” but I am not sure about that whole story.  One thing I do know is that in 1979 when the “Maniac” and “Insane” families were created on the streets the Hoods became Maniacs and changed their name to “Maniac Latin Hoods.”  The Hoods chose to unite with the Maniacs because of their relationship with Maniac Latin Disciples and Latin Lovers.

In the year 1981, the Latin Hoods began to decline in numbers just after having a pretty strong year in 1980.  Instead of joining the Folk alliance and carrying on the Hoods all flipped to Latin Lovers in 1981 and that brought about their extinction, however, they were very memorable on the streets.

Known sections of the Latin Hoods from the past

Logan Square neighborhood Established 1975-1981

Sections of Logan Square

Francis & Stave Established 1975-1981