Morgan Boys 18th Street (Folks)
Morgan Boys 18th Street (Folks)

Morgan Boys 18th Street (Folks)

Founded Founded in 1980 in or near Pilsen (Lower West Side)
Founding story

Founded in the Pilsen section of Lower West Side neighborhood near 16th and Morgan

Affiliations Folk Nation;
Colors Red and Blue
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Cross and Heart
Symbol usage

Cross with slashes through it

Status Extinct


The Morgan Boys were a later formation in the Pilsen neighborhood at 18th and Morgan.  The Morgan Boys were started by guys like Mutt, Hitler and Pro in the year 1980.  Shortly after forming the Morgan Boys joined the Folk alliance alongside the Party People and Two Six in 1981.  The Morgan Boys were active until the early 2000s and by the mid-2000s they officially closed their section at 18th and Morgan


Please send in 1980s and 1990s pics!

Known sections of the Morgan Boys (Folks) from the past

Pilsen neighborhood Established 1980-mid 2000s

16th to 18th Place, Morgan to Miller Established 1980-mid 2000s



Hammond, IND