Founded Founded by Joe Ganci
Founding story

Founded by Joe Ganci in Menard Prison.

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Colors White
Primary ethnicities White
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Status Active

I normally do not write pages for prison gangs but since the Northsiders were founded by Thorndale Jag Off founder Joe Ganci I will build this page as it sort of coincides with TJO history.

In the mid-1970s Joe Ganci was put in Menard prison in downstate Illinois for crimes committed while he was a member of the Thorndale Jag Offs.  Ganci was a very highly intelligent individual and a natural born leader.  On the inside there was a racial divide as blacks stuck with blacks, Hispanics stuck with Hispanics and whites stuck with whites.  Many of the white Chicago street gangs didn’t have heavy influence downstate Illinois like they did in Chicago area so there wasn’t much organization among the whites under Ganci arrived.  Ganci created a white organization to protect white inmates against black and Hispanic groups.  he named the organization after the area of Chicago where many of the white inmates hailed from, the north side, hence, being called “Northsiders.”

Northsiders controlled B of I , the kitchen and farm assignments and Kitchen assignments in the old death row section.

As years would pass and new inmates came and went many of the original members had left the prison systems and newer generations took over.  These newer generations often had personal agendas and took in new and young members for the sole purpose to rape them.  This was an act that older original members heavily prohibited and were disgusted by and this is also what brought about the downfall of the Northsiders especially after prison administration took over in the early 2000s.

Northsiders are still active although very small in size and have an administrative alliance with older members in the southern Illinois prisons.