Party Gents
Party Gents

Party Gents

Founded Founded in 1980 in or near South Lawndale: Little Village
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Colors Black and Maroon
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

I do not have a whole lot of history on the Party Gents but I know they formed in the year 1980 in the Little Village community at 26th and Millard.  The Party Gents started off as just a party crew that fell in love with the finer things of gang life like being with women, wearing sweaters and throwing parties.  From the start Party Gents were tight with Latin Kings from the 25th Street and Avers.

In the earliest days the Party Gents remained just a crew and avoided taking sides of People or Folk until and incident happened that involved the second generation of Party Gents.  Close to about 1990 Two Sixs gunned down a member of the 25th and Avers Latin Kings and the Latin Kings had the expectation that the Party Gents should shoot up the Two Sixs to avenge the death.  This expectation came about because Latin Kings would help the Party Gents many times when they had conflicts with many groups and vice versa.  This situation was different because it would involve shooting someone.  I have no idea if the shooting happened but Party Gents did join the People alliance at this time and remained real tight with Latin Kings.  The Party Gents then became a full fledged gang banging crew.  Party Gents then engaged in wars with Two Six and Satan Disciples until they disbanded in the mid-1990s.