Spanish Chancellors
Spanish Chancellors

Spanish Chancellors

Founded Founded in 1960 in or near Bridgeport
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Colors White and Blue
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

The Spanish Chancellors were started in the year 1960 at the intersection of 27th and Normal in the Bridgepor neighborhood.  The Chancellors arrived alongside the first Mexican migration to Bridgeport and faced racial discrimination.  These early Chancellors fought harded Italian Bridgeport gangs and were heavily outnumbered.  Mexican people were not very welcomed into Bridgeport and the Chancellors assisted with racial conflicts Mexican people faced on these streets.  These early Chancellors befriended the Latin Counts out of Pilsen in the 1960s and eventually the Saints of the Back of the Yards.  The Chancellors had no Bridgeport allies.

By the later 60s the Latin Kings opened at 27th and Normal and battled the Chancellors until many Latin Kings were convicted of rape in 1969 and left the neighborhood.  The Chancellors would battle Latin Kings when they returned in the late 70s, but the Latin Kings were now at 33rd and Morgan.  The Chancellors would last through the 1980s and 1990s until operations stopped by the turn of the 21st century.


Known Sections of the Spanish Chancellors

Bridgeport neighborhood Established 1960-2000

Sections of Spanish Chancellors

27th & Normal