Unknowns Player and Kings (UPK)
Unknowns Player and Kings (UPK)

Unknowns Player and Kings (UPK)

Founded Founded in 1982 in or near Humboldt Park (West Humboldt Park)
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Colors Black and Beige
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
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Status Extinct

The Unknowns, Players and Kings alliance was created in the year 1982.  Members of the Latin Kings, Insane Unknowns and Monticello and Augusta Players (MA Players) from West Humboldt Park all came together to be a nation for themselves.  These guys basically were so close that they wanted to be under the same organization while still having alliance to Latin Kings and Insane Unknowns.  The entire MA Players organization absorbed into UPK that year in 1982 bringing about their extinction as they now favored UPK.

This was assembled as gang not an alliance but had many features of an alliance.  How it worked is, as UPKs, they were given full direction and support by these allied organizations as kinda like an investment to seal up buffer zones in West Humboldt Park between these gangs and their rivals, this effectively controlled the M.A. Players as they were now part of the UPK banner.  The UPK was brought into the People alliance upon inception and they were given the whole vicinity of the Grand Playlot located at 3259-33 W Grand Ave which was bounded by Grand Avenue on the north, Thomas Street on the south and Drake Avenue on the west.  UPKs tagged all over this playlot and it was just a few blocks away from where the M.A. Players originally controlled.

UPK was set up to help assist the K-Town Insane Unknowns whenever they needed help and this greatly helped K-Town Unknowns grow in power, in exchange, a dying organization like the M.A. Players had a second chance without needing to join Warlord, Unknowns and Latin Kings.

UPKs had a vicious rivalry with Ridgeway and Thomas Spanish Cobras and even opened up North Avenue and Sawyer in the 1980s to fight more Spanish Cobras from Kimball and Cortland (Cobra Gangsters).  The UPK was at its peak in the mid-1980s but by the late 1980s they fell into extinction as members were flipping to Insane Unknowns and Latin Kings because at that point Latin Kings told them they had to flip or face a nasty war because Latin Kings were trying to absorb all that territory.  In the year 1987 the UPKs closed operations.

Known sections of the Unknowns Player and Kings from the past

West Humboldt Park neighborhood Established 1982-1987

Sections of West Humboldt park

Grand to Thomas to Drake Established 1982-1987 (Grand Playlot)

North Ave & Sawyer

Thomas to Augusta, Monticello to Drake Established 1982-1987