Very Mellow People
Very Mellow People

Very Mellow People

Founded Founded in 1979 by Steve hernandez in or near South Chicago
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Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

In the year 1979 some members of Ambrose moved from 18th street to the South Chicago neighborhood.  Instead of starting a branch of Ambrose in this neighborhood these Ambrose started something new.  South Chicago was not very friendly at that time to migrating gangs and when factions of gangs moved here they couldn’t start up until the 1980s, this is why 18th Street Ambrose didn’t start a section here and instead they formed the Very Mellow People.  Steve Hernandez was the founder of the Very Mellow People.

In the year 1981, despite having a last name of “People,” the VMPs joined the Folk alliance in 1981 as all South Chicago gangs now had to follow suite and join a star.

The Very Mellow People had their best years in the 1980s and then died out in the 1990s.  I think most of them flipped to Ambrose by the mid-1990s when Ambrose started a real chapter in the neighborhood.  I don’t really know too much else about these guys.

Known sections of the Very Mellow People from the past

South Chicago neighborhood Established 1979-1995

Sections of South Chicago

In the area of 86th and Baltimore