Area Far Southwest Side

Dan Ryan Woods on the north, 107th on the south, South Walden Parkway into 99th to Beverly Blvd on the east, Western Ave on the west

Gangs headquartered Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples,

For this Beverly page I will not go into the entire history of Beverly, and I will just keep this one short and to the point for the most part.  I do entire histories on the neighborhoods that had significant sociological or socioeconomical issues that led to gang issues.  For the Beverly community there were no social issues that drove any gang issues over time.  Beverly is a mixed-race community mainly white and black of upper middle-class residents on the far southwest side of the city.  Gang issues and crime is not far away but is not present in the Beverly borders besides drifting criminal and gang activity that comes and goes.

Beverly has only seen some activity from the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples at the intersection of 99th and Malta. I don’t know when GDs and BDs got here but they both were situated here on this corner either at the same time or at different time periods.  There is an apartment complex at 99th and Malta where this gang activity occurred but other than that, the rest of the neighborhood has always been gang free.  99th and Malta is also on the border of Beverly Beverly also has very low crime rates and is always voted one of Chicago’s safest neighborhoods.

Known gangs that have existed in Beverly over time:

Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples

99th & Malta (apartment complex)