Mount Greenwood
Mount Greenwood

Mount Greenwood

Area Far Southwest Side

111th then up Pulaski to 99th then down 99th to behind Southwest Elementary School to Central Park Ave all on the north, Central Park Ave down to 103rd then up Kedzie running behind the Jewel and CVS to Ridge Golf Course and Mount Olive Cemetery on the east, then from 113th and Whipple to 113th and Troy then down Troy to 114th Street then 114th and Troy to 114th and Kedzie then down Kedzie to 115th and Kedzie all on the east, then 115th and Kedzie to 115th and Homan then down Homan to 117th then across 117th Street to 117th and Millard then there is a more southern divider north of 117th and Millard that divides blocks in half between Mount Greenwood and suburban Marionette Park then across 115th Street to Cicero Ave all on the south, the western border starts at Cicero Ave and 115th to 111th and Cicero then across 111th to 111th and Pulaski then up Pulaski to 99th and Pulaski all on the west

I do not need to put in a history section for Mount Greenwood because there are no sociological and socioeconomic issues this community has ever had that has led to the formation of street gangs on these streets.  This is one of the continuously safest neighborhoods in Chicago and is home to many families of Chicago firemen and policemen.  Because of such a heavy police presence it has been hard for migrating gangs to settle these streets.  The only gang I have ever heard of that moved onto these streets was the Latin Souls.  I do not know when the Latin Souls were here but I don’t believe they have been in this neighborhood for a long time.

This is the only gang activity I have ever heard of in this neighborhood over time:

Latin Souls

111th & Homan