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This is my page to talk to you about gang history YouTube videos.  From the title of the page, you may have clicked here thinking I was going to talk about Chicago gang YouTube videos I have made.  This is not a page about my YouTube videos but instead a page telling you I have zero YouTube videos out there.  That’s right all those YouTube videos you see on the internet are 100% not me at all.  I, Zach Jones, have never in my life made a YouTube video as of this date of September 19,2022.  You might be puzzled right now asking yourself how the hell all those YouTube videos have my histories word for word and that’s why I made this page, I need to clear the air.

I hear from so many people out there asking me if those YouTube videos are mine and I have to say over and over those are not mine nor do I have any affiliation to those creators of this date.  I do not want anything to do with them because never once did they ask me to use my histories for their videos.  If any of them would have asked me, I would say yes but to please reference my site, but it appears they want 100% credit for those.  If I were asked, I would say yes but give a stark warning that I will also give to you as a reader as well about those videos.  I would tell them go ahead and but cite me then I would say my histories change all the time and often become increasingly accurate.  I admit I am not always correct and have had some bullshit histories up there in the past.  Once I find out I am wrong I work very close with the whistle blower and work hard to set the record straight. I have talked to many via email, text, telephone and even some face to face to set these histories correct. I have talked to guys that started these organizations or were pivotal in the foundation.  I have talked to family members of founders and former leaders who contact me once they read what I wrote and want the record straight.  I strive for my site to have the best integrity possible, and I go for the best quality I can get.

For a Youtuber taking my histories without communicating with me first is a massive risk on their part.  They risk using a history that very well may become outdated and inaccurate as time passes.  I get upset when I see these YouTube videos taking from my work but then I end up laughing my ass off because I see them get criticized for having it all wrong after I have already fixed it on my end.  There is a solid reason I will never write a book about gang histories and that’s because once you write a book, make a video, publish an article it becomes permanent.  There is no going back, once it is there that is it.  The big advantage to running a gang site is I can change the histories whenever the hell I want.  Whenever I got guys contacting me that lived the life I can go right ahead after I talk to them and fix the incorrect info, these Youtubers can’t unless they make a whole new video. These histories are important to me because I am trying to exploit major socioeconomic issues that has caused great pain and suffering to the people of Chicago.  People have succumbed to great hate and violence while trying to settle parts of Chicago they were not welcome, on the other hand, their attackers also suffered watching their neighborhood change in a way that disrupted their harmony.  The city’s most powerful elites and crooked politicians pushed people into neighborhoods quickly so they could snatch the valuable land near the coast and along expressway paths. Because of this I want accurate histories if I can get them so I can continue to research patterns.  These YouTube videos are immortalizing failed or flawed old drafts of my work that can misconstrue the real understanding of these gangs.  It pains me to see people being educated by a history that isn’t correct. I know I am the guy that originally put that out there but in my defense, I didn’t know any better back then and I thought I had gold when I really had fool’s gold.

The only YouTube historian I have found that is seemingly doing his own thing is Wrong to Strong.  He has his own thing, and I would recommend visiting his videos but all the others I have seen just take my histories and do a robot voice over that doesn’t even pronounce names properly.   

I will caution you as a reader, viewer or anyone that is a fan of gang history to NOT take those YouTube histories seriously unless they would have me being part of their production.  If you see a YouTube historian visit my page on that same gang and compare word for word what is being said and if it mostly matches, they likely took it from me.

I am not here to bash any YouTubers instead I am clearing myself from any involvement with them because I am either losing credit or gaining credit for something I had no part of.  This is metaphorically like the dilemma Jeff Fort faced when he first put out the El Rukns and Stones were committing acts he was not involved in yet it was on his head, or he tried to put the point across about certain issues and the Stones got credit instead of the El Rukns.  I feel something similar with these YouTubers.  I am being tied to my old writings in other cases, then in other cases if they copy a more accurate history, I see people raving about how accurate it is and giving them a pat on the back.

If you really want the most accurate histories, come right here often and expect updates.  I know I am not always correct but finding anyone else that has a higher accuracy about the entire city just doesn’t exist right now that I’ve seen.