Insane Majestics
Insane Majestics

Insane Majestics

Founded Founded by Sergio in or near Marshall Square (South Lawndale)
Formerly known as

Majestic Party Crew mid 1980s-1992

Affiliations Insane (South Side) — 1992 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black, Grey, and White
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican) and White
Symbols Staff and Cross
Symbol usage

A six staff which is a cross with curved ends on the sides and a “6” on the top

Status Active


The Insane Majestics began in the mid-1980s in the Marshall Square neighborhood.  The original name was the “Majestic Party Crew” and was founded by Sergio “Gramps” as a break dancing crew that threw wild parties with lots of dancing and drinking.  Other original members were Juan Bravo and Rob Base.  The Majestic name may have come from the Taylor Street Majestics of the Near West Side, perhaps some MPCs knew members of the Majestics and used the idea for the name but I’m not sure if that is accurate.  The MPCs often fought viciously with other party crews and became one of the more dominating party crews in the area.  Party crews became very popular in the mid-80s and some of the members of these crews would become top prospects for gang recruitment in the bigger gangs in the city.  The MPCs were highly sought after for membership into the Two Sixs, Two Two Boys, Satan Disciples and Latin Kings but MPCs would eventually tangle with Latin Kings.  MPCs had a good friendship with Two Two Boys and perhaps that is how their rivalry began with Latin Kings because of the friendship with a Latin King rival.

By the mid-1980s the MPCs took off in popularity until they were rumored to have 300 members of the crew and they danced their asses off at break dancing competitions.  If any fellow MPCs got into trouble, they would back each other up.  Many youths loved hanging with the MPCs because they partied hard and had fun and that pretty much lead to their success.

By 1988, the MPCs had hit the peak of their success with over 300 members.

In 1988 drama started to come to the MPCs as Satan Disciples, Two Sixs and Latin Kings began giving them a hard time.  SDs, Two Six and Kings were big gangs and did not like how big MPCs had become.  Latin Kings and Two Six hated MPCs because they were hanging out with Two Two Boys all the time, guilt by association.  The MPCs now found themselves getting into fights with these gangs, but most members did not want to fight with any gangs and dropped out.  Others were all about gang banging but wanted to get with a bigger gang so they caved into the pressure and joined the Latin Kings, Satan Disciples or Two Six.

By the year 1990 all the Majestic Party Crew that were ready to gang bang but were strong enough not to cave into joining other bigger gangs moved out of South Lawndale and made their way just west to the suburb of Cicero closing all Chicago operations for good.  The MPCs then became situated at 31st and Laramie in Cicero which is where old Two Two Boy friends had also moved.  The MPCs realized they had to get some guns and get ready to function as a gang instead of as a party crew.  The Two Two Boys of 31st and Laramie took the MPCs under their wing and basically mentored them all about gang banging and assisted them in their wars with the People Nation gangs in the area.  The Two Two Boys were also able to help get any beefs the MPCs had with Satan Disciples squashed.  The Two Two Boys were hoping to get the MPCs to eventually become a full-fledged Folk Nation street gang.

In 1992, the Two Two Boys were taken by surprise once they found out the MPCs were secretly meeting with the Satan Disciples to discuss joining the Folk Nation under the SD’s wing.  The Two Twos were expecting the Majestics to go join Folks under the Two Two umbrella but instead they became the “Insane Majestics” and they paid tribute to the SDs by adding “Insane” onto their title.  The Two Twos were so upset they started a vicious war with the Majestics right on each other’s front lawns.  Within no time the Majestics grew into heavier numbers and wanted to completely take over 31st and Laramie.  The war soon got real bloody and both gangs hurt each other really badly which also led to many key incarcerations.  The Maniac Latin Disciples were posted not far away and saw this dysfunction between former allies and attacked both gangs as they were already beaten down by each other, this caused both gangs to weaken even more and many members flipped to MLDs as a result.  Once the MLDs attacked, the Majestics and Two Two boys called a truce and banded together to fight off these MLDs but there were too many of them, nevertheless, they kept fighting.  The Majestics were able to open sets in the suburbs of Lyons, Brookfield, Zion and Waukegan in order to keep themselves alive.

In 1997, the Two Two Boys left 31st and Laramie due to an agreement and peace treaty with the MLDs, but the Majestics were not all about peace with MLDs as they stayed at 31st and Laramie and continued to battle MLDs.  The arch enemies of Majestics are the Maniac Latin Disciples and Latin Kings.  Majestics also would fight any other People Nation gangs here and there but they devoted most of their time fighting MLDs and Kings.

As members grew older they began investing in legit businesses which was allowed for members to do.  The Satan Disciples explicitly stated in their constitution in 1978 that free enterprise was fully permitted and encouraged, and since the Majestics were close allies they adopted that belief and operate the same way.  The Majestics were a down organization that would not quit and they have been noted for being down.

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  1. Where was MPC started in the city?
  2. What happened to Gramps?
  3. What is the time line of leaders up to the year 2000?
  4. What exactly started the wars with Latin Kings, Satan Disciples and Two Six?  What year did each of those wars start?

Known sections of the Insane Majestics past and present

Marshall Square neighborhood Established 1985-1990

Sections of Marshall Square

I do not know exactly where they were, please send feedback



Cicero Established 1990 as Majestic Party Crew, as Insane Majestics 1992 29th to 33rd, Laramie to Central Ave