Chicago Gang History
Contact Zach

Contact Zach

Please only contact me to discuss histories, pay compliments or to help out with historical info. Do not contact me for the sole purpose of asking questions about me or anything personal unless you are from a professional organization looking to do an interview. Please do not send fake history info either, I will likely be able to tell it is fake, so do not even waste your time.

Looking for old school pics of murals, tags and old reppin pictures from the past.  If you have any from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, please send them in, I will love to post them!  Facebook gang pages will just post your pics and the pictures will just get buried over time underneath other gang’s pics.  On this site they will be carefully placed on the respective pages and put all on one page for easy display and navigation, see my Taylor Jousters, Ashland Vikings, Latin Kings and Black Disciples pages as examples.

I will now accept pictures you sent to the Facebook pages “Chi Town Gangs Past and Present” and “Old-School Chicago Gangs,” but only under certain conditions.  These two groups watermark their pictures to protect them and make them their own property.  In order to bypass this please only send me the pictures if you are the original person that sent them those pictures because those are your property before those pics are their property and as long as you or your organization give me permission to use those same pics I will use them.  This only pertains to watermarked copies, if you have a copy without the watermark, that is really easy and I don’t need to worry about copyright issues but if you only have the watermarked copy left after you submitted to them, please just let me know you give me full permission to use those same pics as well and I will put that in the caption while still keeping your real name left out of the caption.  I will just say in the caption that the same person that sent those pics to Facebook has now given me permission to use them as well.  Too many wonderful pictures were sent to those two Facebook pages that have been buried in the timeline format.  On my site I will immortalize those same pictures to never get buried down a timeline, instead they will remain in full glory on the gang’s individual page to pay tribute to such an honorable past!

Please be advised that I might be slow to respond on nights and weekends.  This doesn’t mean I will ignore all emails it just means I may not respond for a day or two as I have more limited access to my tools on weekends and weekday nights, but please feel free to email at any time and any day, I will get back to you it might just take a little time.

Please also see my mission statement for more info about what I’m trying to accomplish here.

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