Chicago Gang History

Chicago Gang History

Dedicated to 20th Century Gang History.


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Notorious Street Gangs

From Organized Crime to Folk and People Street Gangs, reveal the criminal origins of more than 90 of Chicago's baddest street gangs.

Discover gang colors, symbols, territories and more…

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Gangster Hoods

Revisit the dark past of Chicago's Most Gangster Hoods. Explore the unique histories of over 50 gang hotbeds spread across the city.

Discover historical boundaries, settlement stories and more…

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The Projects

Relive the Life and Death of The Projects. Learn how urban blight gave way to gangs, bordellos and drug trade in the heart of Chicago.

Discover controlling gangs, project phases, locations and more…

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Find out how The American Dream was infiltrated by some of the most notorious Chicago street gangs, brick and mortar to green grass.

Discover infiltration dates, housing projects, crime impact and more…

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He will bring us all, rich and poor, white and black to His judgement seat.

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I’m back with an alternative to Pantheon!

Good day Chicago and the rest of the world.  I am formally announcing the return of Chicago Gang History after a hiatus since November 30th. ... Read More "I’m back with an alternative to Pantheon!"

Mission Statement

Good day loyal readers - On my about the site page I had shared the reason for my interest in Chicago street gangs and generally... Read More "Mission Statement"

Kickin’ it old school with old school names

Good day Chicago and the world.  The old schoolers have spoken and have let me know it is difficult to surf through this site to... Read More "Kickin’ it old school with old school names"

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  Good morning Chicagoland and the world! Chicago Gang History has gone through a massive revamp that has been a work in progress since May.... Read More "Relaunch!"

Respect Your Sources

As a reminder, I only use names and go into details about gang related activity only if it is documented in a court case or... Read More "Respect Your Sources"

New Interalliance Gang War Info

Good day Chicago gang history readers. A big update was made recently detailing the exact years and incidences that started many Folk nation interalliance gang... Read More "New Interalliance Gang War Info"


A day in the life

The Founders

When you watch fictional television shows, watch fictional movies, read fictional stories... Read More "The Founders"


Machine gun fire echoed as torpedoes ripped through the waters at the... Read More "1964"

The Slums of Chicago

Good day Chicago and the world.  Many of you hear about how... Read More "The Slums of Chicago"

The American Dream

It's called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it. —George Carlin Read More "The American Dream"

Chicago’s Most Gangster Hoods

I have written about 56 of the 77 Chicago neighborhoods but left out 21 of them; the reason why is because those 21 neighborhoods do … Read More "Chicago’s Most Gangster Hoods"

Life and Death of The Projects

Origin of the problem The economy slides During the Great Depression years... Read More "Life and Death of The Projects"

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The year of 1966 approached us like a fiery storm as our nation was now engulfed in a scary war with a nation far from …

The Founders

When you watch fictional television shows, watch fictional movies, read fictional stories about gangs you almost always see the leader of the gang as the …


Machine gun fire echoed as torpedoes ripped through the waters at the Gulf of Tolkien near North Vietnam paving the way to the opening moves …