Latin Jivers
Latin Jivers

Latin Jivers

Founded Founded in 1978 by Horse in or near East Humboldt Park (part of West Town)
Founding story

Founded in East Humboldt Park section of West Town neighborhood near Crystal and Washtenaw/California.

Affiliations Folk Nation — 1980 – 2000 or later;
Insane (North Side) — 1995 – c. 1996;
Maniac — 1992 – 1995;
SGD / La Tabla;
Colors Black and Brown
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Skull, Top Hat, Cane, and 12-10
Symbol usage

Skull, top hat, cane, 12-10, pitchfork 1980-1995

Status Active

The Latin Jivers formed in the year 1978 at the area in East Humboldt Park between California and Washtenaw and Crystal and Washtenaw (Dark Crystal).  The founder of the Jivers was “Horse” and from the start the Jivers were very close with the Maniac Latin Disciples and there was much blood relation between Jiver and Disciple gang members.  The MLDs did not push the Jivers into joining MLDs and instead were in approval of the Jivers operating on Washtenaw.  The Jivers had some of the same enemies as the MLDs like Gaylords, Latin Kings, Taylor Jousters, Chi-West, Spanish Lords, Warlords and C-Notes.

The origin of the “Insane” part of the Jiver’s name dates back to their inception in 1978.  Before the Insane family existed and was only a Spanish Cobra thing in 1978, the Jivers became known as “Insane Latin Jivers.”

In the year 1981, the Jivers were accepted into the Folks alliance being sponsored by the Maniac Latin Disciples due to strong family ties between the two gangs, however, the Jivers still retained the full name “Insane Latin Jivers.”  The Jivers were connected to the Maniacs but they did not become “Maniac Latin Jivers,” because they would have to get rid of their “Insane” moniker which was part of their heritage, instead they made it up to the MLDs by tagging the MLD swastika gang symbol and paying homage to the fallen founder of the MLDs “Hitler.”

In the year 1985 one of the Latin Jivers moved to Pierce and Paulina in the Wicker Park neighborhood and befriended a gang called the “Latino Stars.”  The Stars had some of the same enemies, most of all the Latin Kings.  The Stars were also already part to Folk alliance.  The Jiver that moved to Pierce and Paulina convinced the Stars to flip to Latin Jivers in 1985 and that put the Jivers on the map in the Wicker Park neighborhood at Pierce and Paulina which was the founding turf of the Stars.  The Jivers opened a club house at 1731 W. Pierce Street (At Pierce and Paulina) which became their headquarters in a basement apartment. The Jivers found more rivalry with the Spanish Lords and Warlords in the neighborhood and this new Wicker Park section proved they belonged on these streets.  This section would survive well into the 1990s.

In the year 1988 Latin Jivers gathered quite a following for a while as they spread into Noble Square opening the sets of Division and Greenview, Bosworth and Blackhawk “Brown Jungle,” Cleaver and Potomac (Pulaski Park), Greenview and Potomac “Killa Side.”   This chapter would become the most successful and a permanent section for the Jivers for decades to come.


The Latin Jivers were at the peak of their success by 1990 as Horse was no longer the leader and Louie B took over the new leadership role as they were perhaps at their strongest in numbers.

In the year 1992 the Latin Jiver leader was slain by a former member that flipped to a Warlord.

In the year 1995, the Latin Jivers from Blackhawk and Bosworth started to get into it with Maniac Latin Disciples over the intersection of Erie and Wood, this caused the Jivers from Blackhawk and Bosworth to no longer honor Maniac concepts and those Jivers were at war with MLDs while the original section in East Humboldt Park was still on good graces with the Disciples.

The Jivers from Blackhawk and Bosworth allied with the Spanish Cobras against the Maniacs and joined the Insane alliance. “Gordo” had taken over leadership of the Jivers at this point and became the long time leader.

In the year 1996, the Insane Latin Jivers from Blackhawk and Bosworth didn’t stay in the Insane family too long before they broke out into war with the Spanish Cobras and the rest of the Jivers from East Humboldt Park were involved.  The Jivers from Blackhawk and Bosworth severed ties to the Insane family and became tighter with the East Humboldt Park Jivers.  Eventually the Jivers from East Humboldt Park stopped warring with the MLDs and Maniac Campbell Boys and began hanging out with them again, however, they never rejoined Maniac.  The Jivers from Noble Square never made back up with the MLDs and continued the war with both Maniacs and Insanes while they retained their special alliance with the Milwaukee Kings.

In the late 1990s the Latin Jivers made their way into the suburbs of Rockford, Kankakee and Cicero at 24th and 57th.

The Latin Jivers began to decline in numbers and they lost most of their territory. Much of it due to gentrification as yuppies and hipsters moved in to East Humboldt Park, Noble Square and Wicker Park.  The Jivers continued their existence regardless and continued to be a violent and renegade force on the streets that has always been something to be reckoned with.  Jivers continue to dwell in the Noble Square area and Bucktown as they live among yuppies and hipsters because they have always fought against all odds.  The Jivers have also in recent decades established themselves in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood which is a major accomplishment for any smaller sized gang to come into such a tough neighborhood and make establish themselves well.

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  1. How long did Horse run things and what happened to him?
  2. What exactly caused the war between Jivers and Cobras?
  3. What year did Cicero open?  What year did it close down?

Known sections of the Latin Jivers past and present

Belmont-Cragin neighborhood 80s, 90s, 2000s

Sections of Belmont-Cragin

Barry & Linder 80s, 90s, 2000s

Bucktown neighborhood 80s, 90s, 2000s

Sections of Bucktown

Armitage to Cortland, Leavitt to Damen 80s, 90s, 2000s

East Humboldt Park neighborhood Established 1978

Sections of East Humboldt Park

Crystal & Washtenaw (Dark Crystal) Established 1978

Rockwell from Crystal to Potomac (Shared with Maniac Latin Disciples) 90s

East Village neighborhood 90s

Sections of East Village

Augusta & Wood 90s

Noble Square neighborhood 1988-present years

Sections of Noble Square

Blackhawk to Potomac, Bosworth to Noble (Brown Jungle, Blackhawk Park, Killa Side, Pistol Park)

Division & Greenview

Southern West Town neighborhood 90s

Sections of Southern West Town

Erie & Wood (Shared with Maniac Latin Disciples and Satan Disciples) 90s

West Humboldt Park neighborhood 2010s-present years

Sections of West Humboldt Park

Thomas to Augusta, Monticello to Central Park Ave (Cello Block) 2010s-present years

Wicker Park neighborhood Established 1985-late 90s

Sections of Wicker Park

North Ave to Milwaukee Ave, Paulina to Wood (Hustle Town, Baller Side) Established 1985-late 90s


Cicero 24th & 57th