Puerto Rican Future Stones
Puerto Rican Future Stones

Puerto Rican Future Stones

Founded Founded in 1970 by Stoney in or near Lake View
Formerly known as

Future Stones

Affiliations People Nation — 1983 – give;
Colors Black and Orange
Primary ethnicities Latino (Puerto Rican)
Symbols Pyramid, Crescent Moon, Sun, and Eye
Symbol usage

21 brick pyramid

Status Extinct

In the year 1968 the Puerto Rican Stones moved to the Lake View community settling at Barry and Sheffield.  When the P.R. Stones arrived, they began a large recruiting drive to take over the whole Kenmore Playlot area.  One of the new recruits was a youth nicknamed “Stoney.”  Stoney became one of the more recognized Stones and developed leadership.  Stoney’s brothers were also Stones and the five youths became legendary members of the Stones.

In the year 1970, Stoney and his brothers decided to start their own group that would have immediate ties to the Puerto Rican Stones.  This new group started by the five brothers would become the “Future Puerto Rican Stones.”  The Future Stones moved to Halsted and Newport in the Lake View neighborhood and embarked on the same rivalries as the P.R. Stones.

In the year 1975 Puerto Rican Stones and Future Stones moved to the Albany Park community as P.R. Stones moved to Lawrence and Kimball while Future Stones took Eastwood and Kedzie.  Both groups would grow very large and became large parts of the Albany Park community for many years to come.  Many did not recognize the Future Stones as their own group during these early years because they were mistaken as P.R. Stones.  Many actions of the Future Stones often got accredited to the P.R. Stones during these early years.

In the year 1980 Stoney ended up in prison and while he was away by 1983 the Future Stones grew in size and now became recognized more as their own entity, this is why so many stories have flown around that the Futures began in 1983.  A group of Latin Kings that were friends with Stoney and the Futures became enraged when one of their good Latin King friends was killed by a rival gang and the Latin Kings voted to not get revenge.  This caused this group to flip to Future Stone and take more Latin Kings with them.

In the year 1983 the Future Stones arrived in the Edgewater neighborhood at the intersection of Olive and Clark.  The Stones arrived right at about the same time as the Spanish Gangster Disciples and immediately they started gunning at each other.  The Future Stones were not going to give up that turf and fought hard against the SGDs until the SGDs decided it was not worth it anymore and left the hood to the Stones.  The Future Stones had the same rivals as the P.R. Stones such as Simon City Royals, Spanish Cobras and Assyrian Eagles.

In 1992, the Latin Kings were making a lot of enemies on the north side within the People Nation alliance.  The Kings were warring with Insane Unknowns for one, then they were now slugging it out with the Future Stones as well. The Future Stones handled the war with Latin Kings well and did not need much help from allies.

A new chapter began in 1992 when Stoney got out of prison. “Broleeo,” a Future Stone member, left the organization to form his own group called the “Puerto Rican Familia Stones” that set up territory in the Albany Park neighborhood at Sunnyside and Kimball.  This was negotiated with the Future Stones as long as Familia agreed to never recruit in the Eastwood and Kedzie area and to this day in 2023 that agreement remains.

When the Familia Stones formed the Future Stones became less active and/or less visible similar to the P.R. Stones but like P.R. Stones Futures are still out there but not visible on the streets like they were in the 80s.

Please send in some 1980s and 1990s pics!

Known past sections of the Future Stones

Albany Park neighborhood Established 1975-2000s

Sections of Albany Park

Irving Park Road to Eastwood, Sacramento to Kimball Established 1983-2000s

Edgewater neighborhood Established 1983 (80s)

Sections of Edgewater

Olive & Clark Established 1983 (80s)

Clark & Bryn Mawr 80s

Lake View neighborhood Established 1970-2000s

Sections of Lake View

Halsted & Newport Established 1970-2000s