Founded Founded in or near Lower West Side: Pilsen
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Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

I know very little about the Rampants but I will do the best I can for now.  The Rampants started up in the Near West Side neighborhood sometime in the 1950s, I think the early 1950s.

In 1958 the Rampants came to the Pilsen section of the Lower West Side neighborhood when many Mexican families were moving to the neighborhood because of the Dan Ryan Expressway construction in the Near West Side.

When the Rampants showed up in the new neighborhood on 18th Street they soon became the largest force in the neighborhood as they dominated 18th Street as they were involved in many stabbings and several gang brawls.  This dominance of the Rampants did not last long as the 1960s decade ushered in and the Latin Counts and Ambrose gangs started growing very large and began overtaking a lot of Rampant’s territory on 18th Street.  The Rampants would continue in existence throughout the 1960s decade and the 1970s; however, I do not think they made it the entire 1970s decade before they went extinct.

Please send in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s pics, 80s if they were still around


  1.  What exact year did the Rampants form?
  2. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  3. What was the first street corner the Rampants ran in the Near West Side?
  4. What was the first corner in Pilsen?
  5. I do not know any territory the Rampants ran in the Near West Side or Pilsen, please give the all of them and the dates they opened and closed
  6. What is the time line of leaders?
  7. Who were Rampant’s enemies?
  8. Who were Rampant’s allies?
  9. What year did Rampants go extinct?
  10. What were Rampant’s colors and symbols?