Two Six or 2-6 of Bridgeport
Two Six or 2-6 of Bridgeport

Two Six or 2-6 of Bridgeport

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I created this page in order to filter out some of the stories that Two Six that we know from Little Village started way back in the 50s or 60s.  Many think Two Six started back then mainly because of the Two Sixs that existed in Bridgeport as a greaser club.

The Two Six of Bridgeport began in the 1950s and were in existence no later than 1956 when they made the newspaper after fighting with the Almighty Popes that still exist today.  I believe this Two Six group formed in the mid-1950s. Two Six formed in the Bridgeport neighborhood right outside of  Naponiello Alleys, a bowling alley that locals referred to as “Naps Bowling Alley.”  The bowling alley was located at 522 W. 26th St which was in between the intersections of 26th and Wallace and 26th and Normal.   The name Two Six came from the fact their territory was on 26th Street, a similar story to the Gangster Two Sixs but these Bridgeport Two Six have nothing to do with Two Six of today.