Hell’s Devils
Hell’s Devils

Hell’s Devils

Founded Founded c. 1975
Affiliations United Five Organization — 1975 – c. 1982;
Colors Black and Red
Primary ethnicities White
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Status Extinct

The Hell’s Devils story starts out in the year 1975 in the Portage Park neighborhood at Dunham Park (Hell’s Park).  The organization was put together by Crazy Tom, Satan, Lil Rich, Freak, Skull, Sicko, Dead Eye, Barretta, Baby Huey, The Enforcer, Pee Wee, Slim and Dragon.  Like many other white greaser clubs, the Hell’s Devils hung out at the Axle Skating rink in the suburb of Norridge (located at 4510 N Harlem Avenue, closed on Halloween 1985).  At the skating rink, the Hell’s Devils met clubs such as Gaylords and C-Notes that hung out there regularly as well. The Hell’s Devils got into fights with the Bell Park Boys, Rice Boys and the Royal Capris at the skating rink.

As time went on the Hell’s Devils moved out of Dunham Park and opened territory further south along the Natchez Avenue corridor until by 1978 they had landed at the intersection of Diversey and Major in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.  Upon arrival the Hell’s Devils united with other white gangs in the area to fight against common rivals.  The United Five Organization clubs had territory in the Belmont-Cragin area such as: Gaylords, PVR/PVPs, Taylor Jousters and the Freaks.  These gangs got together with the Hell’s Devils and some other clubs and the United Five Organization expanded to become the United Fighting Organization or UFO III.  This unity squashed the beef Hell’s Devils had with Rice Boys as now they were in the same unity.

The Hell’s Devils now joined the fight against Latin Kings, Spanish Cobras, Simon City Royals and Paulina and Barry Community.  The Hell’s Devils continued strong until the UFO broke apart in 1982 after the Gaylords and C-Notes went to war and Crazy Tom moved out of state.  By the mid-1980s the Hell’s Devils dissolved as most members got married and started families.

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  1. What year did the Hell’s Devils go extinct?

Sections of Hell’s Devils from the past

Belmont – Cragin neighborhood Established 1978-1982

Sections of Belmont-Cragin

Diversey & Major Established 1978-1982

Portage Park neighborhood Established 1975-1978

Sections of Portage Park

Giddings & Melvina (Dunham Park) Established 1975-1978