Founded Founded c. 1959 in or near Pilsen (Lower West Side)
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Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

In the year 1959, Hispanic migration to the Pilsen area increased that year as multiple new gangs had suddenly formed that year.  The Latin Counts, Villa Lobos, Morgan Deuces and Spartans formed on these streets and Ambrose migrated to this neighborhood.  Latin Counts and Ambrose especially had the goal of running this neighborhood.  The Rampants was another major group that formed in Pilsen in that 1959 year and soon became one of the more dominating groups as well.  Rampants would eventually take turf that spanned from Heart of Chicago to Pilsen.  Rampants were heavily settled on 18th Street from Damen to Halsted and between 18th to Cermak.  Rampants would clash violently with Ambrose and Spartans and these were Rampants worst enemies.

In the year 1968 the Coulter Latin Kings were not allowed to set foot on 18th Street due to several rival gangs on 18th Street objecting.  The leader of the Coulter Latin Kings Abel “Bull” Torres wanted his Latin Kings to be able to move along 18th Street for simple purposes; therefore, Torres met with John Mendez who was now the leader and creator of the Midget Rampants.  An agreement was made between the Coulter Latin Kings and Midget Rampants for both gangs to be allies.  With this agreement the Coulter Latin Kings would be permitted to venture onto 18th Street if they were being escorted by Rampants, to attend events, record hops, dances and to attend Rampant club house parties.  The Rampants informed the rival gangs of 18th Street that this was the arrangement and if Latin Kings didn’t start trouble with rival gangs, and they were to be escorted by Rampants it would be allowed by other gangs too.  After this happened the Coulter Latin Kings and Rampants supported each other for the next 5 years.

In the year 1973, Boogie was killed by Latin Kings and shortly after this by 1975 the Rampants stopped operations.


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  1. Who was the founder and what happened to him?
  2. What was the first corner in Pilsen?
  3. What year did Rampants go extinct?
  4. What were Rampant’s colors and symbols?

Known sections of the Rampants from the past

Heart of Chicago neighborhood 

Sections of Heart of Chicago

Damen to Ashland, 18th Street to Cermak

Pilsen neighborhood 1959-mid-1970s

Sections of Pilsen

Ashland to Halsted, 18th Street to Cermak

21st & Oakley