Insane (North Side)
Insane (North Side)

Insane (North Side)

The “Insane” moniker was invented in the year 1975 by Richard “King Cobra” Medina shortly after he first colonized the Spanish Cobras into the East Humboldt Park area.  The moniker was not heavily in use and most of the time Spanish Cobras just tagged on the walls without the “Insane.”

In the year 1979, Insane developed a deeper meaning when some mild disagreements began happening between Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples.  This was not a violent disagreement but instead an agreement to separate within the YLO alliance that bound them together.  The establishment of the Insanes and Maniacs in 1979 meant that all gangs very close to either organization became Maniacs or Insanes, however, no one tagged it on the walls or really represented it, it was just there just not spoken of.  For the most part relations between Maniacs and Insanes was very peaceful throughout the 1980s with just some minor eruptions here and there.

In the year 1987, Maniacs and Insanes began to have more conflict mainly just Spanish Cobras and Latin Disciples.  These were just very petty squabbles that older members would come in and squash right away, no serious conflicts though.

In the year 1992, the conflict frequency and severity increased yet again and now it became time for the north side Hispanic Folk nations to agree to disagree.  As I said Maniac and Insane was nothing new, it was implemented in 1979 but no one represented it to the fullest not even the nations that created it, but now these alliances were made official and would be tagged on the wall and represented before your own nation.  The Spanish Cobras became the Insane Spanish Cobras and their closest allies at the time would take on the same first name.  There was Insane YLO Cobras, Insane Dragons, Insane Deuces, Insane Harrison Gents, Insane Ashland Vikings and Insane Campbell Boys.  This meant that all gangs bound to Insane had to be prepared to help other Insane organizations take up arms against Maniacs and any others not aligned with Insane.

Between the years 1992 and 1994 flare ups and temporary wars continued but could be smoothed over as before, however, the time period between peaceful periods became much shorter and hard feelings settled in more.  In many areas Insanes, Maniacs and Almighties didn’t even hang out with each other anymore.

In 1994, the Spanish Cobras gunned down a member of the Maniac Latin Disciples which caused a temporary war and further strained the relationship between Maniacs and Insanes to the point where they hated each other, however, permanent war was not yet unleashed.

In the year 1995, Ashland Vikings and Harrison Gents had a nasty feud that couldn’t be controlled, the Harrison Gents ended up leaving the Insanes and switched alliances to the Almighty alliance becoming the Almighty Harrison Gents.  The Latin Lovers and Latin Jivers switched alliances to Insane while C-Notes joined the Insanes for the first time.

In 1996, after the Valentine’s day shootings between the Maniac Latin Disciples and Spanish Cobras the feelings grew increasingly hardened between Insanes and Maniacs to the point it was a miracle they were still not in full scale permanent war yet, however, the back and forth violent and frequency made it seem like there was no peace.  At this point periods of peace were far less frequent and weak than periods of war.

In 1997, the war became permanent after more murders occurred.  There was one last attempt at peace in 1999 but after Maniac Latin Disciples started shooting their own members at a peaceful meetup there were no more attempts at peace and Insanes and Maniacs and Almighties hate each other as much as People Nation gangs.