Krazy Get Down Boys
Krazy Get Down Boys

Krazy Get Down Boys

Founded Founded in 1988 by Hitman G in or near Marquette Park (Chicago Lawn)
Founding story

Founded in the Marquette Park section of the Chicago Lawn neighborhood

Formerly known as

Krazy Get Down Boys 1988-1992

Affiliations Folk Nation — 1992 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black and Purple
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Sword and Shield
Symbol usage

Shield with six dots around it

Status Active

The Krazy Get down Boys started in the year 1988 in the Marquette Park neighborhood.  The crew was founded by “Hitman G” as a party crew that loved to throw wild parties and did not affiliate with the People or Folk nation.  Over time, The KGBs began to have conflicts with Insane Guess Boys and various People Nation gangs like Latin Kings and TAP Boys and this led the KGBs to become a gang banging crew.

In the year 1992, KGB had a solid alliance with a Folk Nation gang called Ambrose that also hated Latin Kings.  Ambrose was able to invite the KGBs into the Folk Nation making the two gangs “first cousins.”

In the year 1993, the Satan Disciples moved into nearby 59th and Spaulding in the Gage Park community and this sparked a war with the Satan Disciples because of their aggressive recruitment.

KGBs fought viciously with their arch rivals the TAP Boys in the 1990s and weakened them to the point of near extinction in Marquette Park.

KGBs became quite popular in Marquette Park as they now had territory at 61st and Troy “Brother City,” 61st and Lawndale “Getdown City,” 69th and Rockwell “Krayzie Side,” and 71st and California.  The KGBs were able to spread into the nearby Ashburn neighborhood at 79th and Kenneth (Rainey Park) “Purple City” and 83rd to 85th and Kenneth.  The KGBs also spread heavily in the suburb of Homewood and they set up in Blue Island, Calumet City and Dolton.  They also opened a nice sized chapter in Hammond Indiana.

After some time the KGB leader and founder Hitman G was shot and killed in the streets leaving “Lil Siegel” in charge until he was imprisoned a short time later then “Chief G” took over.  KGBs would eventually conflict with fellow Folks Two Six and La Raza.  The KGBs would also fight a vicious war with Saints and Latin Kings.

KGBs really have not lost territory that I know of over time but their expansion stopped some time ago, nevertheless, this late bloomer gang has proven that they can survive alongside older gangs.

If you have any late 1980s or any early to mid 1990s KGB pics, please send them in!


  1.  What started the war with Latin Kings and what year did it start?
  2.  What started the war with the Satan Disciples and what year did it start?
  3. What started the war with La Raza and what year did it start?
  4. What started the war with Two Six and what year did it start?
  5. What started the war with the Insane Guess Boys and what year did it start?
  6. What year was Hitman G killed?
  7. What year did Lil Siegel get locked up?
  8. What happened to Chief G?
  9. What year did Purple City and 85th start up?

Sections of the Krazy Get Down Boys past and present

Ashburn neighborhood 90s-present years

Sections of Ashburn

77th to 79th, Cicero to Tripp (Rainey Park, Purple City)

Homan from 77th to 79th

83rd to 85th, Kostner to Kenneth

81st & Kostner

81st & Tripp 90s, 2000s, 2020s (present years)

83rd Place & Knox 90s-present years

79th & Pulaski 90s, 2000s, 2010s

Marquette Park neighborhood Established 1988-2010s

Sections of Marquette Park

64th to 65th, Richmond to Sacramento

61st & Troy (Brother City)

69th & Rockwell (Krayzie Side)

71st & California

West Lawn neighborhood Established 1992-present years

Sections of West Lawn

61st & Lawndale (GetDown City) Established 1992-present years



Blue Island

Calumet City Stateline from Webb to Hohman, 16st Street


Hammond, IND Michigan & Indianapolis (HMDKGBs)

Homewood 183rd from Aberdeen to May, Pleasant from 185th to 186th, 187th to Coach, May to Royal, 187th & Pleasant

Kankakee (Folk Burrow)