Morgan Boys 32nd Street (People)
Morgan Boys 32nd Street (People)

Morgan Boys 32nd Street (People)

Founded Founded in 1985 in or near Bridgeport
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Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
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Status Extinct

The Morgan Boys of 32nd and Morgan Streets began in the year 1985 in the Bridgeport neighborhood on Chicago’s south side.  These Morgan Boys were former hypnotic rockers, a crew from Little Village at Cermak and Spaulding that turned out to start the Morgan Boys when war began with the Heads of Gage Park and Mckinley Park and Lathrop Project “Project Boys.”  There were 12 members of the Morgan Boys of 32nd Street and they had zero relations to the Morgan Boys of 18th Street.  The Morgan Boys of 32nd mainly loved to party and be with girls but beef would happen with Project Boys and Heads.  The Project Boys stated they would beat up the Morgan Boys and that started the violence in the neighborhood between the two.  The Project Boys thought the Morgan Boys were too close to Latin Kings. it was true the Morgan Boys hung with the 23rd and Whipple Latin Kings along with Stone Kents, Latin Counts, Bishops and Party Gents…all People nation gangs.

Later in the year, the Morgan Boys of 32nd met the Morgan Boys of 18th Street who later became Folks but the alliance never happened due to the fact this would bring war with the Latin Kings because Morgan Boys of 18th were at war with Latin Kings.

In the year 1986, the Morgan Boys decided to join the People alliance because they had to pick sides and this was the side of all their allies.

In the year 1988, 3 members joined the military while 4 others were put in prison including their key gunner.  This now caused the Latin Kings to attempt a takeover of 32nd which was just one block from their 33rd and Morgan turf, this started a war that went on over a year.

In 1989, the Morgan Boys temporarily ceased operations until the late part of the year when they emerged again for a few months only to get into major conflicts with Latin Kings again which resulted in several Latin Kings being shot by the MBs.  The Latin Kings then waited until members ended up in jail and attacked them behind bars.  Latin Kings would even press charges on MBs just to get them behind bars so they could be victimized.

By the very beginning of 1990 the Morgan Boys had ceased operations and the last members flipped to Two Six, Latin Counts and three flipped to Latin Kings.

Known sections of the Morgan Boys (People) from the past

Bridgeport neighborhood Established 1985-1990

Sections of Bridgeport

32nd & Morgan Established 1985-1990