Royal Knights
Royal Knights

Royal Knights

Founded Founded c. 1960 in or near South Chicago
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Status Extinct

The Royal Knights were founded in the year 1960 in the South Chicago neighborhood somewhere along 89th Street.  I am not sure the reason why the Knights were formed but I believe it has something to do with the fact that gangs were becoming for plentiful in South Chicago by the early 60s, or perhaps the Royal Knights were the first significant gang, not sure.  I don’t know who the founder is nor do I know what their original racial makeup was but I think they may have started as a majority white gang that later became majority Mexican.

The Royal Knights were one the bigger outfits in South Chicago as they battled the Spanish Kings and maybe the Bush Nation too.  If I am not mistaken the Knights were at their peak in the early 70s but then after that they began to decline in numbers.

In the late 1970s most of the most active members were the really young members that started hanging out with newer gangs to the area.  In the year 1980 the Knights went extinct as their young members flipped to join other gangs like the Spanish Gangster Disciples as an example.

Known sections of the Royal Knights from the past

South Chicago neighborhood Established 1960-1980

Sections of South Chicago

88th and Commercial Established 1960-1980