City Knights
City Knights

City Knights

Founded Founded in 1980 by Bubba in or near Back of the Yards (New City)
Founding story

Founded in the Back Of The Yards section of New City neighborhood near 48th and Wood.

Affiliations Insane (South Side) — 1992 – 2000 or later;
Colors Black and Grey
Primary ethnicities Latino (Mexican)
Symbols Reaper, Sickle, and Knight Chess Piece
Status Active

The City Knights are an original Back of The Yards creation that started the year 1980 at the intersection of 48th and Wood.  The City Knights were a party crew put together by “Bubba.”  The City Knights made really good friends with the Party Players who were a crew in the same area.  The Party Players also hung out with the Two Sixs which was a full fledged gang that had moved there a few years back.  The City Knights formed in wake of several gangs migrating to the Back of the Yards and several party crews forming in the neighborhood at the same time.

As the 1980s progressed, the City Knights battled with other neutral crews in the neighborhood and proved to be dominant over them all as their reputation grew.

In the year 1989, the City Knight’s closest allies the Party Players went to war with their allies the Two Sixs.  The Party Players then had to choose to join the People alliance alongside Saints and Latin Kings which was very disagreeable for the City Knights.  The City Knights instead allied up with the Satan Disciples from 51st and Wood and joined the Folk alliance.  The City Knights then became part of the “Insane” alliance that the Satan Disciples had created and the new name for City Knights was “Insane Gangster City Knights.”  After this the City Knights became very close with Satan Disciples to the point where rivals almost couldn’t tell them apart.

As a gang, the City Knights became more down than ever showing they had real balls on the streets fighting viciously against the Latin Kings, Party Players and Saints.  The City Knights were often outnumbered but still kept coming back and hitting their enemies again and again while having some gunners in their crew.  The City Knights completely took over 48th and Wood as their centralized turf not just as a hang out spot anymore.

The 1990s were some of the best years for the City Knights and battled these mean streets of the Back of the Yards and made the neighborhood know who they were.  The SDs of 51st and Wood were really down in that area and the City Knights were held in pretty much equal regard.

Shortly after this invitation into the Folk Nation the CKs opened up turf at 47th and Rockwell in 2000 and also moved into the suburbs of Waukegan, Elgin and Woodstock.  The Waukegan suburb became a big success and many CKs were recruited there.

War broke out with La Raza in January 1997.  At the intersection of 48th and Wood (De La Wood) in the Back of The Yards neighborhood, several La Raza gang members jumped Sir Bucket of the City Knights and used a rusty screwdriver to stab Sir Bucket in the leg.  The wound in Sir Bucket’s leg became severely infected and his leg needed to be amputated; however, the infection ended up spreading to the rest of his body any way and Sir Bucket died, war with La Raza began right away.

By 1997, the CKs were at war with Two Sixs.  The CKs now had only one ally, the Satan Disciples; regardless, this gang survived despite rather smaller in size.  They were even able to open a set at 58th and Albany “Smoke Town” in the Gage Park neighborhood.

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  1. What year did 58th and Albany open?
  2. Why did war with Two Six start?

Known sections of City Knights past and present

Back of the Yards neighborhood Established 1980

Sections of the Back of the Yards

47th & Rockwell Established 2000

48th & Wood Established 1980 (Valley of Death)

Gage Park neighborhood

Sections of Gage Park

58th & Albany (Smoke Town)

Garfield Ridge neighborhood

Sections of Garfield Ridge

48th & Keating



Elgin Established 2000

Joliet Established 2000

Waukegan Established 2000

Woodstock Established 2000